Witcher 3: Blood & Wine – Unique Weapons Locations


Geralt can’t turn down a good blade, and the Duchy of Toussaint is full of flashy new styles of sword to match the upper-crust attitudes of it inhabitants. Blood and Wine, the second massive expansion to The Witcher 3, includes 30 exclusive weapons for all your monster-hunting needs. Here you’ll find text tips to point out the locations for every unique weapon available to collect in this new map.

Blood and Wine sends Geralt on an adventure to the relaxing city of Beauclair, where a midnight menace is murdering the locals at an alarming rate, forcing the Duchess to sound the call and send for Geralt. When you’re not slaying nocturnal beasts, Geralt can spend his time upgrading his own personal vineyard or unlocking new mutations in the city itself. With a proposed 30+ hours of gameplay, there should be plenty of questing to keep you busy while hunting down even more implements of destruction for Geralt’s sword collection.

Unique Weapons Locations

Work-in-Progress: Check back soon as we add new weapon locations to the list.

Gesheft (Relic Steel Sword):

The powerful Gesheft is only found when following Syanna’s story path in the main quest line. Eventually you’ll reach “Beyond Hill and Dale” — in this quest, Geralt joins Syanna and explores a magical realm.

  • Appearing on a dark cloud covered with debris and fallen cages, you’ll move toward a castle in the distance. When crossing the drawbridge, hop over the ledge on the left.
  • Follow the path back toward a cavern. There’s a strange sword lighting up the dim, stuck in a bonfire.
  • If you’ve played Dark Souls, this should look pretty familiar. Light the bonfire to acquire this secret sword.

Aerondight (Relic Silver Sword):

This unique sword is rewarded by the Lady of the Lake in the Toussaint region for embodying the five virtues; compassion, generosity, honor, valor, and wisdom.

  • The Relic Silver Sword increases damage with each successive hit on your target.
  • Aerondight is acquired during the quest “There Can Only Be One” — accept the quest at the Notice Boards of Toussaint.
    • Alternatively, travel to the lake west of Corvo Bianco and talk to the Hermit in the center of the water.
  • To complete this side quest, you must complete five tasks so that Geralt embodies the five virtues.
    • Compassion: During the quest ‘The Beast of Toussaint’, choose to spare the Shaelmaar beast.
    • Generosity: After completing ‘The Beast of Toussaint’ and post-‘Blood Run’ explore the city of Beauclair. A child messenger will arrive and deliver the quest ‘Turn and Face the Strange’ — give the child a tip.
    • Honor: Start the quest ‘Warble of a Smitten Knight’ in the Tourney Grounds south of Corvo Bianco. Talk to Guillame in the Medical Tent area. Following the race, choose to duel your opponent and come out victorious.
    • Valor: In the same side quest, ‘Warble of ta Smitten Knight’, you’ll track the paramour into the forest. Upon returning, choose to complete the Tourney.
    • Wisdom: Continue the main story until you reach ‘La Cage Au Fou’ and examine the Wight’s lair before hiding in the wardrobe. Investigate the table and cauldron, then choose to lift the curse.
      • To lift the curse, choose to have dinner without spoons. No spoons allowed.
  • Return to the Hermit in the lake west of Corvo Bianco and the Lady of the Lake will appear, providing Geralt with the best silver swords in Toussaint.


Vitis (Relic Steel Sword):

One of the better weapons found in the main quest line, this unique steel sword can only be used by Geralt level 53 or over. Find it during the quest “Beyond Hill and Dale” — make sure you choose to follow Regis and join Syanna in the fairy tale realm.

  • Following the Big Bad Wolf battle, you’ll enter a cave home and defeat the three bears.
  • In this area, move toward the central tower and follow the glowing Will-O’-Wisp to a dead body.
  • Loot the body to gain the Vitis Steel Sword. The sword increases Sign intensity for all types of signs.

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