Witcher 3: Patch 1.2 – How to Dupe Gold | Infinite Cash Glitch


CD Projekt RED, the developers behind the Witcher series, are pretty good about knocking out glitches or exploits in their games. If you’re still looking for fun ways to exploit the system and earn an unlimited supply of gold, there is a method in White Orchard that’ll let Geralt farm a vendor for a bottomless well of free crowns. All it takes is a beehive.

Before continuing, we want to make perfectly clear that this cheating method was not intended by the developer, and attempting to replicate these results should be done at your own risk. CD Projekt RED hounded cheaters in their previous updates with tax collectors, or by removing XP earned through exploits. This particular glitch was tested with the latest 1.2 Blood and Wine update, and it is the only current duping method that works on PC or console.

Whether you’re interested in exploits or just want to see what’s up, check out all the details below.

Infinite Gold / Crafting Materials Dupe Glitch

Note: Use this glitch at your own risk. The exploit was tested and confirmed to work with the latest 1.2 patch [5/31].

White Orchard is a popular place for glitches and exploits. First it was all about bovine farming, now it’s possible to turn beehives into material duping machines with this bizarre (and hilarious) glitch.

For those keeping score, this exploit allows anyone to infinitely collect a vendor’s inventory — buying items from the vendor will increase the amount of gold they carry. The more gold the vendor carries, the faster you can farm the gold after each successive kill. Check out the step-by-step instructions below to see exactly how this is done.

  1. Travel to the town of White Orchard and purchase everything you can from the dwarf Armorer. The more cash he has, the more can be earned with this glitch. (Talk to the dwarf — if you haven’t already, complete his quest.)
  2. If you want to transfer more cash to the Armorer, meditate until his stock refreshes and buy more.
  3. Next, Geralt needs a beehive. Find one just northwest of the main White Orchard village. There are two structures near the river — one with a small dock, and the other nearby. A beehive is located next to the other structure of the two.
  4. Wait until night to clear the paths to White Orchard, then use Aard sign to push the beehive to the dwarf Armorer. This is the trickiest part.
  5. Push the beehive all the way to the Armorer. The bees will kill him — now meditate for 1 hour.
  6. The Armorer will respawn, but the dead vendor body will remain, with all the crafting materials and gold he died with. Starting to get the picture?
  7. More Armorer NPCs will spawn and die, leaving a pile of vendor corpses right where you left the beehive. Continue to meditate for one hour increments and loot the bodies when you’re satisfied.

The process will stop if you move the beehive or reload the area and despawn the hive. Otherwise, it’s very possible to earn hundreds of thousands of gold, or even millions, in just a few minutes of cycling through meditation.

That’s one crazy glitch down. Found any others? Let us know in the comments.

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