Witcher 3: Blood & Wine – Remove the Wight’s Curse | Guide

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Geralt might be a monster hunter for hire, but that doesn’t mean he can’t show some compassion every once in awhile.

The second major expansion to The Witcher 3 introduces a whole new region with plenty of creatures to encounter, and not every Blood and Wine quest forces Geralt to slaughter his prey. Midway through the main story in Toussaint, Geralt will encounter a wretched undead thing called a wight. By investigating the wight’s lair, Geralt can lift the curse instead of attacking the monster  head-on. Learn what steps it takes, and how to get a new friend for your personal vineyard.

Remove the Wight’s Curse | ‘La Cage au Fou’ Quest Guide

To remove the Wight’s curse and earn a (better) ending for this tormented creature, you’ll need to reach the main story quest ‘La Cage au Fou’ and explore the creepy mansion.

  • Inside the mansion, use Witcher senses to spot the red-glowing clues. The more you examine, the more you’ll see how spoon-obsessed the wight is.
  • Collect the spoon-shaped key in the right-room as you enter the manner, then take the stairs down to reach the wight’s inner sanctum.
  • Interact with and inspect the table and the cauldron to learn more. Hide in the wardrobe and watch the wight from your hidden vantage point. While inside the wardrobe, you’ll get two options.
    • Inspecting the table before hiding is crucial. If you do not inspect the table in the sanctum, Geralt cannot lift the wight’s curse. 
      • 1. [Attack the monster.]
      • 2.  [Try to lift the curse.]
    • Select Option #2 to continue the interactions.
  • If you attempt to lift the curse when the wight finds Geralt in the wardrobe you’ll find three options for dinner. Only one option will free the wight.
    • 1. Let’s swap spoons.
    • 2. Let’s eat, using the spoons.
    • 3. Let’s eat, not using the spoons.
  • Select #3 to lift the curse and begin a new optional quest.

Choosing to eat with spoons or by trading spoons will only result in a fleeing wight. By lifting the curse, you will unlock a new side-quest.

  • Follow the red scent with Geralt’s Witcher senses to find the reverted wight outside the estate. Speaking with her, you’ll get the option to help her recover.
  • Geralt carries the woman back to Corvo Bianco where she gets food and bed rest, leading to a happier ending for the cursed noblewoman.

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