Explore Toussiant in the New Developer Diary for Witcher 3 Blood and Wine

The Witcher YouTube channel uploaded a video of the developers talking about Toussaint. Prepare to experience beauty and have your heart melted.

Blood and Wine will be different from anything else seen in the witcher’s world so far. Toussaint is a land of fairy tale beauty, and it’s easy to get drawn into it’s splendor (I know I am). Beauclair is the capital, and it’s citizens are artistic folks. It was built on top of an Elven ruins, but the townspeople don’t like talking about that. One of their traditions is a wine festival, and  you arrive in Toussaint in the middle of that celebration.

But all is not as pretty as it seems. The vineyard owners fight one another, sending hired thugs to sabotage each other. This fighting has led their wine cellars to become monster infested. A beast arrives in Toussaint that can kill in mysterious ways. Beauclair’s Knights have no idea how to handle it, so the duchess summons Geralt to investigate.


The dev diary states that Toussaint will have unique monsters, showing off a battle with a giant centipede creature attacking Geralt. Other creatures live in the city itself, and don’t want to be found out. New gameplay elements such as mutations will change how people build their Witcher characters in their playthroughs.


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