Witcher 3: Blood & Wine – Main Quest Boss Battles | Tips & Tricks


Blood and Wine features some 20+ new monsters, and that includes several boss fights with creatures never before seen in The Witcher 3’s base campaign. Get help with every massive monstrosity with the tips below, covering every major encounter found in Blood and Wine.

Geralt’s trip to the decadent duchy of Toussaint pits him against a slew of fairy-tale beasts and ancient vampiric entities that crave blood. Whether you’re completing the Main Quest chain or hunting on your off-time with one of the new quests, Geralt is going to need an edge to deal with these high-level battles.

All Boss Battles | Tips & Tricks Guide

Here you’ll find tips for defeating every boss in the Toussaint region.

  • Golyat
    • Found in the main quest “The Beast of Toussaint”
    • Golyat attacks with wide swings of his self-made mace, making it difficult to land close attacks.
    • To really harm Golyat, use the Crossbow.
      • Switch to the Crossbow and target the barrel on his head. There is one board missing that reveals  his vulnerable eye underneath the helmet.
      • Target the eye with your Crossbow — each successful hit momentarily staggers Golyat.
    • Geralt can also use the Quen sign for protection and increase his sword attacks by applying Ogre Oil before entering combat. Wait for Golyat to attack, then retreat before it can land an attack.
    • Enough hits will kill Golyat and allow Geralt to enter Toussaint.
  • The Bruxa of Corvo Bianco
    • This creature is found in the basement of Corvo Bianco during the quest “The Beast of Toussaint.”
    • The Bruxa is a Vampire — similar to other creature, she disappears and reappears in the fog.
    • Apply Vampire Oil and use the Yrden sign to stand your ground. Yrden debuffs enemies inside the circle while buffing Geralt.
    • Wait in the Yrden sign circle while the Bruxa retreats and attack when it charges to make short work out of this unique encounter.
  • Shaelmaar
    • The rocky monster is also found during “The Beast of Toussaint” in the arena.
      • Don’t let your ally Palmerin die.
    • Use Relic Oil to deal more damage, especially after Shaelmaar’s rolling charge. Dodge and attack while the creature is stunned. Drink Black Blood potion to return damage taken, and prepare Samum Bombs.
    • Quen helps protect Geralt, but a single hit can remove the protection. Axii will momentarily stun Shaelmaar, but it can’t be hurt in this state.
    • Wait around the exterior edge of the arena and wait for Shaelmaar to use its armored charge attack. Bait the attack by staying far away from Shaelmaar, and wait near the walls so you can begin attacking immediately after it collides after a successful roll-dodge.
    • After losing 2/3rds of its health, back-off and wait for the creature to complete its stone AOE attack.
  • Wight
    • Found in the quest “La Cage au Fou”, this creature is entirely optional and can be tamed instead of killed.
      • To lift the curse, simply examine the table and broth in the Wight’s lair. When confronting it, choose to “Lift the Curse” — then choose “Eat without Spoons” to solve your wight problem.
    • If you do want to fight, the Wight is a Necrophage and susceptible to Necrophage oil and the Axii sign.
  • Bruxa (Round 2)
    • The Bruxa returns for a tougher fight in “The Night of Long Fangs” quest.
    • Bruxa are weak to Silver Swords and vampire oils. When she appears, use Aard to stun her. Run behind her and attack her back for a powerful Mortal Stab.
    • When she retreats, she can be revealed with the Yrden sign.
  • The Wicked Witch
    • The first boss in the “Beyond Hill and Dale” quest is the Wicked Witch from the fables.
    • Defeat the summoned creatures and use the Aard sign when the witch swoops down on her broom. When she’s knocked off, the battle can really begin.
    • Dodge her pot attack — make sure to roll when she attacks. If you’re stunned by the pot, the Witch will re-embark on her broom, forcing Geralt to use another Aard sign attack to knock her down.
    • After attacking the Witch, retreat with a roll, then rush forward and attack one or two times.
  • Cloud Giant
    • Later in “Beyond Hill and Dale” you’ll encounter a giant similar to Golyat early in the Blood and Wine expansion.
    • The giant is weak to Ogroid oil, the Igni sign, and Dancing Star bombs.
    • Stay far out of its attack range and equip a crossbow to quickly take the beast down — shoot through the slats in its helmet to stun the giant momentarily, allowing you to shoot it over and over, keeping it locked down until it eventually dies.
    • Another way to quickly destroy it — lead the giant to the metal cage obstacles and wait for the lightning strikes. When hit with lightning, the Giant will be stunned for several seconds.
  • Beast of Toussaint | Detlaff
    • There are two encounters with the Beast of Toussaint. The first encounter is entirely optional; Geralt does not have to win. The second encounter is very different and occurs in the “Beyond Hill and Dale” post-quest.
    • Stage 1:
      • Use Vampire Oil, Samum Bombs and Black Blood potion during the first phase.
      • Also, use a Silver Sword and protect yourself with the Quen sign to avoid constant healing.
      • Detlaff is quick. Dodge his attacks and counter-attack after he whiffs.
    • Stage 2:
      • The second phase is much more dangerous. Detlaff has three main attacks now.
      • Attack as Detlaff swoops down to halt his flying charge attack.
      • When Detlaff summons a swarm of bats, quickly roll out of the way or you’ll be stunned.
      • Don’t step into the randomly generated portals.
      • Keep dodging or counter-attacking his swoop attacks to momentarily stun him.
    • Stage 3:
      • Now in a new arena, deal with the creature chasing Geralt. When the monster is defeated, you must destroy the three orbs surrounding the arena.
      • Detlaff will respawn not long after he’s defeated, so quickly run to any remaining orbs and attack while you’ve got time between spawns.
    • Stage 4:
      • Simply finish off Detlaff to defeat the final monster of the main story.

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