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Embody the five virtues of Toussaint and complete good deeds to earn the best sword in Blood and Wine, the final major expansion for The Witcher 3. The legendary Relic Silver Sword is given by the mysterious Lady of the Lake — but only if Geralt can complete five tasks and live-up to the high standards of the local knights. There are multiple ways to embody each of the five virtues. Check out the full quest guide to find five examples that can be completed early in your DLC adventure and earn Aerondight.

If you’ve met the Duchess Anna Henrietta in the quest ‘The Beast of Toussaint’ you’ll learn about the five virtues in conversation. These five virtues are; compassion, generosity, honor, valor, and wisdom. Even if you’ve missed your chance and completed some of the quest examples listed below, there are plenty of ways to embody the virtues — try playing through the main story and returning to the lake. Geralt needs to take those extra steps to prove himself, because the Aerondight is one of the best swords available in The Witcher 3.

Aerondight | Best Swords Guide

The powerful Aerondight sword appeared in Witcher 1 and Witcher 2, and finally returns in Witcher 3: Blood and Wine. In Witcher 1, the sword was also given by the Lady of the Lake, although Witcher 3 requires slightly more from Geralt.

To earn the powerful Aerondight Silver Sword, follow these steps:

  • Aerondight is acquired during the quest “There Can Only Be One” — accept the quest at the Notice Boards of Toussaint.
    • Alternatively, travel to the lake west of Corvo Bianco and talk to the Hermit in the center of the water.
  • To complete this side quest, you must complete five tasks so that Geralt embodies the five virtues.
    • Compassion: During the quest ‘The Beast of Toussaint’, choose to spare the Shaelmaar beast.
    • Generosity: After completing ‘The Beast of Toussaint’ and post-‘Blood Run’ explore the city of Beauclair. A child messenger will arrive and deliver the quest ‘Turn and Face the Strange’ — give the child a tip.
    • Honor: Start the quest ‘Warble of a Smitten Knight’ in the Tourney Grounds south of Corvo Bianco. Talk to Guillame in the Medical Tent area. Following the race, choose to duel your opponent and come out victorious.
    • Valor: In the same side quest, ‘Warble of ta Smitten Knight’, you’ll track the paramour into the forest. Upon returning, choose to complete the Tourney.
    • Wisdom: Continue the main story until you reach ‘La Cage Au Fou’ and examine the Wight’s lair before hiding in the wardrobe. Investigate the table and cauldron, then choose to lift the curse.
      • To lift the curse, choose to have dinner without spoons. No spoons allowed.
  • Return to the Hermit in the lake west of Corvo Bianco and the Lady of the Lake will appear, providing Geralt with the best silver swords in Toussaint.

Aerondight Silver Sword:

  • Category: Magical
  • Type: Silver Sword
  • 0 Rune Slots
  • Special: +10% damage per successful hit, up to +100% damage bonus
  • Base Damage: 508-620
  • Weight: 2.86

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