Make Surgery Great Again – Surgeon Simulator Goes Inside Donald Trump


Surgeon Simulator has received a recent update, and anyone following the United States presidential elections might recognize the new patient. You can now do an surgical operation on Donald Trump.

What exactly can you expect inside this new update? The Classic Heart Transplant level has been overhauled in celebration of the 2016 Elections in the United States. With Donald Trump has the patient, you have to either give him a Heart of Gold or a Heart of Stone, and the choice that you make will be recorded as a vote and displayed on the Surgeon Simulator website.

SurgeonSimulatorVoteAn array of new items – Trump Steak, Trump Vodka, and Trump Tower, have been added to help accommodate the new experience here. Another new feature is that the surgery will run up a Doctor’s Bill, based on the tools you use and how long you take to operate on Donald Trump. To finish it off, you’ll be a surgeon will rather small hands – but you can play around with Donald’s hair during surgery if you want.

This is a free DLC for Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition owners, available now. But if you want to get on board with the game, you can buy Surgeon Simulator A&E Edition content here.