Witcher 3: Blood & Wine – How to Earn All Endings


Like in The Witcher 3, there are multiple ways you can end the main quest story of Blood and Wine. Learn what choices to make to get every ending for Geralt’s final expansion adventure.

Early in your adventures to the Toussaint region, Geralt will be introduced to the Duchess Anna Henrietta. She needs the famous Witcher’s help to solve a series of gruesome murders. Learning the truth all depends on your level of investment, and the amount of time you spend learning about each victim. Choosing to do nothing is a sure-fire way to earn the worst ending. Needless to say, expect to find major plot spoilers ahead.

How to Earn All Endings

There are two major endings to the Main Quest line in Blood and Wine. Follow these steps to earn each:

Good Ending – The Sisters Reconcile

To resolve the situation peacefully, defeat the monster Detlaff and begin the quest “Pomp and Strange Circumstance” — before Syanna’s trial, there is one last chance for Geralt to unravel the truth behind the murders and discover the identity of the final planned victim in the killings.

  1. As this quest starts, begin investigating by following the optional objectives. Speak with your bootblack informant. The bootblack sends Geralt to a homeless shelter in the city frequented by a man that might know more.
  2. Defeat the enemies outside the homeless shelter and speak with the beggar to learn the final victim’s name.
  3. Next, travel to the prison where Syanna is held. Speak with the NPC Guard until he allows Geralt to confront Syanna.
  4. Speak with Syanna and select these dialogue options:
    1. “Cause she turned her back on you, forgot about you.”
    2. ¬†“Might ask her that.”
    3. “Ever thought to forgive her?”
  5. At the award ceremony, speak with the Duchess Anna about her sister and select this option:
    1. “Got bad news – Syanna was out to kill you.”
  6. At the trial itself, Geralt will have to make a statement. Choose the option:
    1. “Syanna’s clearly guilty.”
  7. After Syanna speaks her piece, Geralt will have one final dialogue choice that determines the ending:
    1. “You were children then, both.”

Make these choices and Anna will forgive Syanna, leading the sisters to reconcile over their childhood differences and embrace. There’s a lot more ending after this — Yennifer and Ciri make appearances — but this is the part of the quest ending you’ll have control over.

Bad Ending – The Fifth Victim

Earning the bad ending is much less involved. At the same point in the story, post-Detlaff battle, you’ll be able to continue the investigation during the Main Quest “Pomp and Strange Circumstance” — what to do?

  1. Do nothing. Do not speak with the bootblack again, and do not investigate the murders any further.
  2. Go to the award ceremony without talking to Syanna in her cell.

At the trial, a very different result will occur — Syanna kills Anna, and is killed herself shortly thereafter. This is the most tragic ending to the story of these two sisters, leading to both of their deaths in a senseless struggle.

The ending for Geralt is happier and extends further than expecting, serving as an epilogue to the entire Witcher 3 saga.

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