Witcher 3: Blood & Wine – Grandmaster Smith Location Guide


Unlock the ultimate Witcher 3 upgrades to Geralt’s Witcher gear with the Grandmaster Smith. The special craftsman (and the armor he produces) are only found in the Toussaint region included with the Blood and Wine DLC. If you’re hungry to acquire the best possible versions of every Witcher set, you’re going to need to find this anonymous NPC and begin his Side Quest. Scroll down to get all the details.

Toussaint, the add-on map area set within the peaceful borders of Nilfgaard, is absolutely full of new things to see and explore, including the decadent city of Beauclair. The grandmaster smith is just one new addition; you’ll also find dyes to customize armor, mutations to upgrade Geralt, and a personal vineyard to rebuild. That’s a lot to discover, and if you’re over level 40, you’re going to want the best armor to keep Geralt protected while he unravels an ancient mystery.

Grandmaster Smith Location Guide

To make the grandmaster smith available for crafting, you find him and complete his side quest.

  1. Travel to the central city of Beauclair. Explore east of the Nilfgaardian Embassy sign, south of the Gran place. Look for a simple armor and sword shop.
  2. Speak with the vendor and exhaust every dialogue option — other than buying / selling goods. He’ll reveal that he is a grandmaster craftsman currently apprenticing to an elf.
  3. Asking about the grandmaster begins the Side Quest “Master Master Master Master!” — talk to him about Witchers next.
  4. You will gain multiple new “Scavenger Hunt’ Side Quests to collect the upgraded diagrams for every Witcher set. The Manticore Witcher Set is brand new and exclusive to Blood and Wine. Get help with the Side Quest on our Manticore Witcher Set Locations Guide.
  5. Complete one of the ‘Scavenger Hunt’ Side Quests and return to the grandmaster with all six set diagrams.

Follow these steps, and the grandmaster of Toussaint will be able to craft any grandmaster diagrams you happen to find in the region. Just remember to bring plenty of crafting materials and cash because these 40+ level items can get pricey.

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