Witcher 3: Blood & Wine – Syanna | Romance & Sex Guide


Geralt throws his inhibitions to the wind in the second major expansion to The Witcher 3 with the Syanna romance from Blood and Wine. For those looking for love, we’ve got bad news — this sex scene is completely superfluous and doesn’t lead to any sort of meaningful connection between Syanna and Geralt. Still, if you’re up for a quick roll in the digital hay, find all the steps to unlock this cutscene with our step-by-step instructions.

This isn’t the first time Geralt has strayed from his romantic vows. The series is so full of philandering, CD Projekt RED patched in new Triss dialogue just to enhance the romantic partnership. Don’t worry, choosing to couple with Syanna does not disrupt any of Geralt’s other long-term relationships, and won’t lead to any other negative effects. Similarly, there’s no bonus for watching, so if you’re not interested, go ahead and turn Syanna down.

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Syanna | Romance & Sex Guide

If you’re looking to entangle Geralt with yet another short-term relationship, follow these steps to impress the sorceress Syanna. Unlike Hearts of Gold or The Wild Hunt, this love scene is a one-and-done, with no deeper meaning or connections formed.

  1. During the Main Quest “The Night of Long Fangs” Geralt will have the option to track down Syanna or Orianna. Choose to go to Syanna.
  2. Choosing Syanna leads to the Main Quest¬†“Beyond Hill and Dale…” — complete the fairy-tale and defeat the Cloud Giant boss.
  3. This leads to a conversation between Geralt and Syanna with two options:
    1. [Let her have her way with you.]
    2. Some other time, maybe.
  4. Choose Option [1] to initiate the love scene between Geralt and Syanna.

Enjoy your dirty little scene. Check out the full, uncensored and very NSFW scene in the video below from Youtuber Zanar Aesthetics.

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