See the Hitman Episode 3 Launch Trailer

MarrakeshHeaderMarrakesh is a land on the brink of chaos – the fragile tipping point before unrest and riots unleash in the city. Agent 47 must navigate around this location in his hunt for the corrupt banker Claus Strandberg, along with General Reza Zaydan. These men in power must die.

According to IO Interactive Studio Head Hannes Seifert, Marrakesh mixes the feelings invoked by the Paris and Sapienza Hitman levels. “We have the fortressed, at times claustrophobic, nature of the Showstopper event in Paris combined with the expansiveness and lived-in feeling of Sapienza all in one. I think Marrakesh is really going to give players a lot to explore and experiment with.”


Marrakesh will have Elusive Targets as well, following up on the new mission system introduced in Sapienza. As for what’s ahead in the Hitman episode series, next up is Thailand, followed by a trip to the United States, and a grand finale in Japan. These are all expected to come out sometime in 2016. The Upgrade Pack costs $50 and gives you access to all of the Hitman episode content, but you can also purchase each individual episode for $10.