Fable Fortune Kickstarter Launches

FableFortuneImageAs reported on yesterday, ex-Lionhead developers formed Flaming Fowl studios, and planned to continue making games in the Fable franchise with Microsoft’s permission to use the license. Today the Kickstarter officially launched, and we now have further details about what Fable Fortune is, and what the team plans to do with the game.

This YouTube video published on their channel marked the official reveal of the campaign.

The team explained how this situation came about about in the first place. They were inspired with how successful the Fable Pub Games project was, back when Lionhead was prepping the release of Fable II. They initially pitched the idea around that time, and finally got the approval to begin development around 18 months ago. Around the time they planned to announce the game, Microsoft made the decision to close Lionhead down. This led the team to make a new studio to continue the project for themselves. Microsoft granted the newly formed Flaming Fowl Studios permission to continue development of the game.

Microsoft is not currently financing the project, they just gave the development team the rights to use the Fable license for the game. Thus, Kickstarter seemed like the best route for the team to go with.

FableFortuneEventsAt the heart of Fable Fortune, there’s an event system. During any given time of the year, they’ll have a PvP league, co-op boss, and gameplay warping event type of match-up ready to go.

Fable Fortune matches take place in locations across Albion, with places like Fairfax Castle and Lychfield Cemetery expected to make a return. These areas have quests to complete, which come down to being tasks to accomplish during a particular match. For doing so, the player makes a good or evil choice of some kind, which plays into the morality system of the game. The choices you make transform your deck hero, in turn giving them unique abilities and transforming their deck cards into variant versions.  Fable Fortune will also have a co-op mode, if you want to battle against Fable villains alongside a friend.

FortuneMoralityThe reward tiers for the game come in a highly extensive variety. For about $7 USD you can pledge for the Chicken tier, which gives you a Bronze chest with beta access, a forum badge, a tournament entry ticket, a Guild Seal card back, and the benefits of any overall stretch goal unlocks. Going for the  £100 ($146 USD) Hero tier, you get 200 card packs and an exclusive Kickstarter Snowspire Summoner Alternate Art Card – in addition to rewards from the previous tiers that include other alternate art cards, and a Silver chest (which basically has the same things in a Bronze chest, but with a Silver ranking). But if you want to go all-in on Fable Fortune, you can go for the $7308 USD Jack of Blades reward tier. This gives you the opportunity to be in the game yourself as a card, that will release with the rest of the game itself. You’ll be in touch with the development team directly, and get to visit Flaming Fowl’s headquarters to talk about design plans with the team. In addition to all of that, you get 300 card packs, access to their design forum, as well as Development Build access. PLUS everything from the previous tiers (exclusive alternate art cards, and a Gold chest).

Check out the page itself for a list of all the available options.


Fable Fortune has plans to be on Xbox One, as well as Android and iOS. But the PC version is the initial goal, no matter what. Following their Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube shenanigans helps unlock more content for all backers of the game, so it’s definitely worth a go.