Witcher 3: Blood & Wine – Grandmaster Witcher Sets Guide


Shield yourself from the menagerie of monsters found in Blood and Wine with every Grandmaster set found in the second expansion to The Witcher 3.

There’s plenty of defense-boosting clothing items to uncover across the Duchy of Toussaint, but here you’ll find a focus on only the best gear available — the DLC-exclusive Grandmaster tier. Only a specific NPC can craft these incredibly powerful items, and tracking each down is a Side Quest all its own. Learn all about Grandmaster gear; where to craft it and where to find it with the locations guide below.

Grandmaster Sets Guide

Grandmaster tier items are exclusive to Blood and Wine. These items can only be crafted by a grandmaster smith.

  • Grandmaster smith Lafargue is located in the city of Beauclair. There’s an apprentice vendor at one of the weapon shops near the Gran place waypoint marker. Talk to him and he’ll offer his assistance in the Side Quest “Master Master Master Master!”

During this quest, Lafargue will request diagrams to craft his first set of Grandmaster armor.

  • Notes On Grandmaster Armor:
    • Can only be crafted by grandmaster smith Lafargue
    • Must be Level 40+ to equip
    • Wearing half a set provide a unique bonus. The full set provides a full bonus.

Grandmaster Set Locations

All sets consist of 6 pieces (4 armor, 2 swords) — a Side Quest will unlock after finding one set diagram and track all future diagram discoveries. There are 5 Grandmaster Witcher sets available in Toussaint.

Grandmaster Manticore Witcher Set – Diagram Locations

  • Manticore Steel Sword:
    • West of Corvo Bianco, past the lake with the island on the western shore, you’ll spot a ruin on the map of the Gorgon Foothills. In the Bastoy Prison Ruins, climb to the tower at the top of the hill with partial wooden struts still jutting upward. The first diagram is found on the wooden balcony here.
  • Manticore Armor (Medium):
    • Travel southeast from Gelenser Farm in the southeastern quadrant of Toussaint. There’s a cave where Lebioda once stayed here. Look at the notes pinned to the final chamber of the underground.
  • Manticore Trousers (Medium) + Manticore Boots (Medium):
    • Northwest of Plegmund’s Bridge and north of Lebioda’s Statue, you’ll find an Abandoned Temple to the Prophet Lebioda in Sansretour Valley. Use Aard on the cracked doorway at the end of the path, then use Witcher’s senses to spot a red box near the two steps contained both diagrams.
  • Manticore Silver Sword:
    • On the shores west of the central city, travel along the shore south of the Palace Gardens. There’s a cave entrance called the Murky Delve in the Seidhe Llygad. Enter the submerged cave entrance. Follow the left path up the steps and over the rock platforms, past the discarded crate piles and through a narrow path. Use Aard to knock down the cavern wall to finally reach the hidden chapel. A guardian is rested on the altar with several red glowing loot boxes. Open them all to find this sword diagram.
  • Manticore Gauntlets (Medium):
    • The final diagram is found at the Lake of Cleansing northeast of Basane Farm. Dive into the water from the small covered dock and use your senses to spot a red loot crate at the bottom of the water.

Grandmaster Manticore Set Bonuses:

  • 3 of 6 Equipped: Critical chance and damage bonus buffs applies to Bombs.
  • 6 of 6 Equipped: Any alchemy items are given one additional charge.



Grandmaster Ursine Witcher Set – Diagram Locations

  • Ursine Silver Sword + Ursine Armor (Heavy) + Ursine Boots (Heavy):
    • Travel to the village of Flovive south of Dun Tynne Castle and look for an orange house in the center of town. Behind the house, you’ll find a cave entrance blocked by rubble. Use Aard to clear the debris and collect the three diagrams found in the chest.
  • Ursine Trousers (Heavy) + Ursine Steel Sword + Ursine Gauntlets (Heavy):
    • Between the Cockatrice Inn and the village of Flovive, there’s a small inlet that leads to several cave entrances where the river ends. Go to the cave with the water flowing down inside. Stay right until you make a tiny drop from a ledge. Immediately turn left and look in the dead-end to get this diagram.

Grandmaster Ursine Set Bonuses:

  • 3 of 6 Equipped: 5% (+5% per equipped Ursine set) chance to re-cast a burst Quen sign instantly.
  • 6 of 6 Equipped: Quen sign abilities gain x3 damage boost.

Grandmaster Feline Witcher Set – Diagram Locations

  • Feline Armor (Light):
    • Travel far north to Bartolome de Launay’s old house, located on the eastern edge of the swampy region. Circle around to the back-right side of the house to find scaffolds. Use these to climb the walls and kill the bandits inside. Enter the main house (with the blue tower) and loot the hanging painting.
  • Feline Trousers (Light) + Feline Boots (Light):
    • From the house, travel west to the Hanse Base Bandit fortress located in the center of the swampy region. When the area is clear, go to the very center and walk on the path with the burning pyre. There’s a chest containing this diagram nearby.
  • Feline Steel Sword + Feline Silver Sword + Feline Gauntlets (Light):
    • South from the Hanse Base, look for a Monster Den called the Pits of Brume. In the chamber with light streaming from a crack in the cave ceiling, use Witcher senses to spot a red-glowing loot container in a dark alcove.

Grandmaster Feline Set Bonuses:

  • 3 of 6 Equipped: After a Heavy Attack, all Light Attacks gain +5% sword damage (+5% per equipped Feline set) for 5 seconds.
  • 6 of 6 Equipped: Back-attacks do +25% damage and stun.

Grandmaster Griffin Witcher Set – Diagram Locations

  • Griffin Steel Sword + Griffin Gauntlets (Medium) + Griffin Boots (Medium):
    • Explore the ruins of Fort Hussar on the far eastern hills of the region. The crate containing the diagrams is located under the steps behind the tower.
  • Griffin Trousers (Medium) + Griffin Silver Sword + Griffin Armor (Medium):
    • Next, travel to the Hanse Base bandit camp located between the Fort Hussar Ruins and Basane Farm to the northwest. Clear the old castle and reveal a hidden wall. Down in the store rooms, use Witcher senses to spy a tiny red-glowing button. This opens a secret door.
    • Collect the Power Crystal from the potion-filled corner to the left of the secret door, return to the hidden chamber and charge the Power Crystal with the Aard sign to activate a portal.
    • Through the portal you’ll find a golem. Deal with it, and you’ll finally find the trousers at the desk in the far end of the cavern. The Silver Sword Diagram is on the round table, and the armor diagram is in a small box on the shelves near the oven.

Grandmaster Griffin Set Bonuses:

  • 3 of 6 Equipped: Casting the Yrden sign allows you to recast any sign free for the next three seconds.
  • 6 of 6 Equipped: +40% size of Yrden, and Yrden gains more powerful stamina regeneration, sign intensity, and damage reduction buffs.

Grandmaster Wolven Witcher Set – Diagram Locations

  • Wolven Armor (Medium) + Wolven Trousers (Medium) + Wolven Boots (Medium):
    • Start your quest by exploring the caves north of Termes Palace Ruins, east of Beauclair in Caroberta Woods. Take the purple ruby found to the right of the ruins entrance and use it on the container near the forcefield. The field will lower, allowing Geralt to enter.
    • Attack the cracked wall down the long hallway with the guard dog. In the cavern, hug the right wall and climb the rocks to reach another cracked wall. Knock it down with a few sword swings.
    • Drop into the next room and go left. You’ll enter an old tomb guarded by ghosts and more dogs. Clear them out and look in the satchel in the center. That container holds the first three diagrams for this set.
  • Wolven Steel Sword + Wolven Silver Sword + Wolven Gauntlets (Medium):
    • From where you dropped down to reach the old tomb and diagrams, turn right instead of left. Examine the skeleton in the corner to collect the last three diagrams.

Grandmaster Wolven Set Bonuses:

  • 3 of 6 Equipped: Geralt can apply a maximum of 3 oils to a single sword.
  • 6 of 6 Equipped: Bombs are thrown instantly.

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