Don’t Crash Your Flying Car and Other New Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Details

FinalFantasyXVFlyingCar Final Fantasy XV‘s Director Hajime Tabata answered questions during the Active Time Report broadcast yesterday. For those of us not fluent in Japanese, Dualshockers is able to provide us with the biggest new details mentioned during the video.

Concerns about the game’s graphics that stemmed from the earlier Final Fantasy XV demos will get solid answers during E3. The next episode of the Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV is also scheduled to release in that period of time. A final thing that’ll be fully explained during E3 is the game’s combat and difficulty, with a “twist” that we’ll learn more about when the presentation arrives.

Other numerous inquiries were answered, covering a wide range of the Final Fantasy XV game’s aspects. First off, you won’t have the ability to climb (bummer). The game isn’t completely open world, but it’s huge and expansive with an increase of places to explore as the story unfolds. You have the ability to freely save the game at any time, and you can fast travel back to places you camp at. The Regalia car is faster than Chocobos, but you’ll be able to juice up your Chocobo with different good to increase their stamina and speed. When you unlock the flying Regalia, you need to be careful not to crash it, or else it’s game over and you’ll reload back to before you failed as a pilot. There will be an ability skill tree, but Tabata couldn’t go into weapons as it would spoil parts of the story.

The next Active Time Report airs on June 13th, on the eve of E3. Final Fantasy XV arrives on September 30th 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.