The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Expansion Dated For Release


After a week of leaks and rumors, we finally have a release date for the new Witcher 3 expansion.

Check out the teaser trailer on YouTube.

The preview video gives us some idea of what to expect. Geralt arrives in Toussaint and we see the beauty of the region. “It’s exactly how I remembered it,” Geralt says. Then the video shows off a monster attacking people in the middle of the night, and then finally we see the region of Toussaint aflame.


Blood and Wine arrives May 31st. The Steam page for the game was revealed earlier this week, but quickly taken down. Now that the official announcement has arrived, it’s back up.

According to the features page, you’ll have over 20 hours of gameplay in this last go around. You’ll be able to fight in a grand tourney against Toussaint’s best fighters, collect new Grandmaster tier Witcher gear, and build an all-new Skellige deck of Gwent cards.

This will be the last expansion pack for Witcher 3, which received unanimous praise upon it’s release last year.