Destiny 2: Forsaken – All Dead Ghost Collectibles Locations | Lore Entry Guide

Dead Ghosts are back in Destiny 2: Forsaken. There are 23 of these collectibles total, and we’re listing where to find every last one of them.

Finding them all will earn you lore entries for each ghost, and a triumph for getting them all. Naturally, they’re very hard to find, and you won’t just find them on the Tangled Shore either. They’ve been sprinkled all over the galaxy. You’ll find extra ghosts in the EDZ, Io, Mars, Mercury, and Nessa too. Thankfully, there aren’t any located in The Dreaming City, so you won’t have to level up your Guardian to get any of them.

Every expansion has included a few hidden Dead Ghosts, and Dead Ghosts have been a standard collectible since the first Destiny. For once, there’s some in-game lore you can check out, but that’s only for the hardcore Destiny fans. Casuals like me just hunt collectibles for the thrill of completion.

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All Dead Ghost Collectibles Locations | Lore Entry Guide

There are 23 Dead Ghosts hidden in the Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion. Here’s where to find them all — you’ll unlock Lore and Triumphs for finding them.

  • Dead Ghost #1: Tangled Shore – In the mission area accessible through Four-Horn Gulch, you’ll reach a small Cabal encampment. The ghost is in the center of the cavern that’s straight ahead outside the camp.
  • Dead Ghost #2: Tangled Shore – Enter the Jetsam of Saturn Lost Sector and right near the entrance, you’ll find a blue-glowing pit on the right. The ghost is sitting on a small ledge at that pit.
  • Dead Ghost #3: Tangled Shore – Go to The Machinist mission area, only accessible during the story or during one of Ikora’s Daily Heroic Missions. In the large open room that leads to the boss battle, there’s a large crane on the left side. Climb onto the crane to find the blinking ghost.
  • Dead Ghost #4: Tangled Shore – From the Jetsam of Saturn, climb the ruined platforms on the southern end of the crashed ship. Follow the path that leads up to a Region Chest. Follow the path to the Halls of the Exalted. Pass through the first Hive combat room, then look left of the glass artwork down the next hall. There’s a giant pile of debris with the ghost sitting at the top.
  • Dead Ghost #5: EDZ – Go to the Sludge Lost Sector. In Shaft 13, jump onto the chute to the right as you enter the combat area. On top of this chute, go up until you can drop into a little hidden room. To the right, there’s a very well hidden Dead Ghost.
  • Dead Ghost #6: EDZ – Go to the Outskirts Lost Sector. Down in The Drain, enter the room with the large pipes and the open pit on the right. There’s a catwalk you can jump to around the blind corner that leads to a secret room with a Dead Ghost.
  • Dead Ghost #7: EDZ – Go to the Sunken Isles Lost Sector. Follow the path down to the mining base with the spotlights. From here, go right into the yellow-lit cave. Ahead, there’s a tiny hole you can crawl into on the left that leads to the Dead Ghost.
  • Dead Ghost #8: Titan – Enter the arcology and take the left path in the Solarium to reach the Arboretum. Continue until you reach a bank of screens — as you turn left, turn left again to find an open bulkhead with a Dead Ghost hidden between the doors.
  • Dead Ghost #9: Titan – At Siren’s Watch, enter the Hive-Infested interior of the white / orange building. One of the room has cylinder alcoves on the wall — one of these hollow cylinders contains a Dead Ghost.
  • Dead Ghost #10: Titan – On The Rig, enter the Lost Sector below the Hive Public Event building. Go to the last room and find the cache. To the left of the cache, the Dead Ghost is on a shelf on the wall.
  • Dead Ghost #11: Nessus – Go to Watcher’s Grave and jump onto the tall pillar just to the left (and below) the massive glowing yellow light. Continue to climb up — there’s another ledge you can reach behind you. Continue up the vine-covered ledges until you reach a dead end with this very hard-to-find Dead Ghost.
  • Dead Ghost #12: Nessus – Travel to the Tangle and find the path that leads to the Cistern. Climb up the ledges to the red-leaf tree between the Cistern and Artifact’s Edge pathways. Up and on this red tree, there’s a shining Dead Ghost.
  • Dead Ghost #13: Nessus – Enter the Exodus Black Lost Sector and climb the tall stone pillar to the left of the cache. Once on top, look right. The Dead Ghost is on a small ledge.
  • Dead Ghost #14: Mercury – Once again, enter the Lost Sector. Go to the cache room at the end. The Dead Ghost is on the left bookcase. Use one of the unlit braziers to jump up to it.
  • Dead Ghost #15: Io – Travel to the Rupture and continue to the end of the area. There’s a very tall pillar near the end you can climb from the wings. At the top, you can reach another ledge above that leads to a hidden Dead Ghost.
  • Dead Ghost #16: Io – Go to the northern Lost Sector in the Rupture. In the Sanctum of Bones, climb up to the large platform in the center of the massive chamber. Climb the strangely shaped shell-like rocks on the middle platform to find the Dead Ghost.
  • Dead Ghost #17: Io – Enter Terrabase Charon from the Giant’s Scar tunnel. There’s cargo on a hanging platform near the exit to the tunnel. Jump up to the blue platform. The Dead Ghost is on a yellow crate.
  • Dead Ghost #18: Mars – Starting from Braytech Futurescape, enter the Core Terminus Lost Sector, directly behind the cache chest at the end. The Ghost is on a piece of technology, just right and above a black void spawn door.
  • Dead Ghost #19: Mars – Enter the Alton Dynamo and reach the exterior cavern room before the last room in the area. At the first glowing orange dynamo in the massive cavern room, jump up and look behind the glowing cylinder.
  • Dead Ghost #20: Tangled Shore – Go up to Sorik’s Cut and enter the Wolfship Turbine Lost Sector. Right underneath the broken stairs leading to the shortcut exit, there’s a Dead Ghost in the crystalline growth.
  • Dead Ghost #21: Tangled Shore – Ride the lift up to the Thieves’ Landing Lost Sector. Go to the ledge overlooking space on the far end of the small area. Find the right-most strut wire hanging from the overlook. The Dead Ghost is a little hard to spot, but it’s on there.
  • Dead Ghost #22: Tangled Shore – At the Cobble, there’s a really insane Dead Ghost — look below the center rock. There’s a white floating stone below. Drop down to it to grab this collectible ghost.
  • Dead Ghost #23: Tangled Shore – The last one is the easiest. It’s just inside Spider’s Lair. Go to his throne room, and look down the blocked hallway to the left.

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