Destiny: Earth Dead Ghosts Guide

The hunt for all the collectible dead ghosts (who provide Grimoire cards and Grimoire points) in Destiny continues! Read on to find out where you can find all of the dead Ghosts on Earth. Keep in mind that some of the descriptions remain in complete as we attempt to find out where these locations are ourselves. 

1. Breach — Once you pick up your gun, look at the ceiling as you progress forward. If you miss it, you can find it again in Explore mode. 

2. Breach — Stand in the puddle, and look left. 

3. The Divide — Look up and follow the signs. The Ghost is on the billboards scaffolding. 

4. The Divide — There is a large hollow cylinder where the dead Ghost is in. It’s on the ground. 

5. The Steppes —On a small hill above the crashed ship. 

6. The Steppes to Mothyards — Look for a large canal separating the two areas and heads towards the drain pipe. 

7. Mothyards — Once you obtain the Sparrow, head towards a cave on the right cliffs. 

8. Lunar Complex — It’s somewhere in the darkened part of the area. 

9. Skywatch — Beneath the helipad, there is a room accessible through a hole in the side wall. 

10. Terrestrial Complex — It’s at the bottom of an open locker. 

11. Rocketyard — Above the servitor. 

12. Forgotten Shore — ??? 

13. Refinery — It’s in one of the small rooms, look for a glowing light. 

14. The Blast — It’s by the Devil Walker. 

15. The Grottos — ???

16. Forgotten Shore: Bunker RAS-2 — It’s inside the bunker.