Zelda: Breath of the Wild – The Seven Sages Easter Egg | Secrets Guide

There’s a little bit of Ocarina of Time in Breath of the Wild, and only the best of the best players will ever see it — and only Zelda superfans will (probably) even notice it. Thankfully, one kamuilyn on Reddit managed to document this hard-to-reach Easter egg for the rest of us scrubs, and it’s honestly pretty impressive. There’s a level of detail here I didn’t expect from the Trials of the Sword DLC, the first batch of DLC for Breath of the Wild.

Before getting into the Easter egg itself, which I’ll talk about a bunch more below, let’s talk about Trials of the Sword. This super-tough DLC challenge sends you down into a deep dungeon, where you’ll have to overcome obstacle after obstacle to reach the end. It’s essentially a gauntlet challenge, and even veteran Breath of the Wild fans didn’t bother finishing it. Well — there’s actually something waiting for you at the bottom, and I’m not talking about the upgraded Master Sword. Nope, I’m talking about a bona fide Ocarina of Time Easter egg.

The Seven Sages Boss Battle Easter Egg | Secrets Guide

So — here’s the Easter egg. At the bottom of the Trials of the Sword challenge, you’ll encounter those familiar, decrepit monks — seven, to be exact. That isn’t the surprising part, the surprising part is the way these old masters are holding their hands. Their poses are almost familiar. They remind me of something. But what is it?

[Image Credit: Redditor kamuilyn]
That’s right. The seven monks are posed to match the seven sages from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time — the monks are posed to match Princess Zelda, Rauru, Darunia, Princess Ruto, Nabooru, Impa and Saria. Like everything in the Legend of Zelda series, it’s all referencing past and future games in a timeline that might or might not exist. It’s best to look at this as a simple reference, instead of a deeper look into the hidden lore of the franchise. It’s still a very neat detail.

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