WW2 Zombies: Shadowed Throne – How To Get Every Upgraded Melee Weapon | Smuggler’s Bat, Dancer’s Dagger, Nazi Axe Guide

Melee weapons are back in style in ‘The Shadowed Throne’, the Nazi Zombies map included in DLC2 for Call of Duty: WW2. Not only are there three melee weapons you can collect and use against the endless hordes of undead, but there are also three upgraded super-versions of each one that are way, way better.

Getting all of these weapons is required to complete the main Easter egg quest, but if you’re not that ambitious, here are the simple, straightforward steps you need to take to unlock each individual weapon. Even if you’re solo, these are actually pretty possible to unlock. They sound impossible, but if you know all the steps, it’s totally doable. Let us explain.

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How To Get Every Upgraded Melee Weapon | Smuggler’s Bat, Dancer’s Dagger, Nazi Axe Guide

There are three upgraded weapons you can unlock in ‘The Shadowed Throne’ by completing difficult, complicated Easter egg steps. You can unlock these weapons in any order — and depending on your Morse Code skills, these range from challenging, to impossibly difficult. We’ll provide a few tips to make these possible.

How To Get The Smuggler’s Bat

The Smuggler’s Bat is an upgraded Spiked Bat that shoots a beam of energy forward with the alternate attack button. The energy is long range, and goes through enemies — you can blast through crowds of zombies at once.

  • Go to the Apartment basement and enter the Wunderbuss crafting room. To the left, shoot the cash register with the Wunderbuss — a code is printed at the bottom. Input the code into the working radio on Main Street to call the Smuggler.
  • Go to the Plaza and shoot / drop a grenade on the small tile on the floor with “GAS” printed on it, near the BAR wall buy. He’ll ask for a weapon — interact with the hole to drop weapons in. He needs a bullet weapon, but it is completely random. Keep dropping in weapons from wall buys until the objective unlocks.
  • Complete two more rounds, then find another tile with “GAS” printed on it on Main Street, near the Cabaret steps. Shoot, melee, or bomb the tile to open it. This time, the Smuggler wants jolts. Drop jolts onto the hole until the objective is completed.
  • After a minute, go back down to the Wunderbuss crafting room in the Apartments basement and knock on the wooden door three or four times. Eventually, the door will break down and a Wustling will appear on the other side. The Smuggler’s Bat is located on the floor, inside the room.

How To Get The Dancer’s Dagger

The Dancer’s Dagger is a super-quick knife. It’s the fastest way to harvest zombies for extra points, even if it has low range. It gives you the quickest movement speed while equipped, and can slice through individual zombies like butter.

  • Go to the Apartments and collect the painting to the left of the dead woman in the bed. Take the painting to the Cabaret and place it on the projector to the right of the (probably inactive) Mystery Box.
  • Above the projector, shoot down the film reel in the metal canister, on the railing near the pillar. When it falls, pick it up (nearby, in the blackened rubble on the floor) and place it on the projector.
  • Last, shoot the projector with the Wunderbuss to activate it. The stage will now display a map with a green marker. You’ll have to find four green marker locations, and count the amount of zombies the clown doll at each location will absorb — after completing one green marker, return to the map to get another. There will be four in total.
  • Count the amount of zombies that are absorbed at each clown doll — this will be your code for the safe in the Apartments. You can repeat the four green markers in order to check your number.
  • After getting all four numbers, input the numbers in the safe in the Apartments area. To use the safe, hold interact between rounds, and reset by spinning the dial for two full rotations. Input the numbers in this order; right, left, right left. Or, clockwise, counterclockwise, clockwise, counterclockwise.
  • If you input the correct code, exit then interact with the safe again. It will unlock, and the dagger is found inside.

How To Get The Nazi Axe

The Nazi Axe isn’t just powerful, it also allows you to sprint the fastest. Hold down the alternate attack to charge forward, giving you a quick jolt of speed that can outrun even the fastest enemies.

  • Find a frequency scratched into the wall. This frequency appears in a random location around the map. Input the code into the Main Street radio if you can find it.
    • Apartments: On the elevator, or on the ceiling above / right of the Main Street door.
    • Cabaret: Behind a hanging dress, on the left side of the backstage area. Or, on a cabinet to the right in the backstage.
    • Museum: On the wall beneath the M1 Garand wall buy, or on the pillar to the left, up the stairs to the room with the three skull piles.
  • If you get the correct frequency, you’ll start to hear morse code. Morse code is a series of dots (.) and dashes (-). You’ll get between two-four numbers in sets — an X, Y code. You could get 8, 17 or 15, 21, or 5, 8. It’s easiest to translate it yourself. Here are all the numbers you need to know.
    • Numbers In More Code:
      • 1: . – – – –
      • 2: . . – – –
      • 3: . . . – –
      • 4: . . . . –
      • 5: . . . . .
      • 6: – . . . .
      • 7: – – . . .
      • 8: – – – . .
      • 9: – – – – .
      • 10: – – – – –
  • Collect the magnifying glass from the table near the Tommy Gun wall buy in the second floor Cabaret, then interact with the map in the church. Place the magnifying glass over the coordinates you received in the morse code message — the first number (X) is on the horizontal line, the second number (Y) is on the vertical line.
  • If you land on the right space, the cabinet to the right of the map will open. Take the bowl inside and place it on the scales in the corner of the Museum, third floor. You’ll also need a sizzler zombie head. Kill a sizzler zombie near an Armor Station with a melee weapon, and the head will zap into the station. Use the station to collect the head and place it on the scales with the bowl.
  • Now, simply kill zombies near the scales (the bunny absorbs zombie energy) until it will no longer accept geistkraft. The drawer beneath the scales will open. You can now collect the Nazi Axe.

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