Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: How To Make Easy Money, Every Day | Cash Guide

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, farming is usually reserved for finding the exact type of Pokémon you want in the wild — or literally planting berries in your own personal planter’s field. Acquiring cash usually isn’t that important, but Ultra Sun and Moon includes a really simple way to earn 15,000 cash daily. This is the easiest way to get a daily infusion of money, and if you collect your reward every day, you’ll be rolling in the dough.

While this is a ‘farming’ method, it’s also a daily reward, meaning you’ll have to jump into the game every 24 hours. That’s an annoyance, but the reward is big enough that it’s totally worth a minimum amount of effort. We’re talking 15,000 for a minute of work a day. It isn’t the most cash you can earn if you want to sink hours into gameplay, but if you’re looking for a low-effort way to stay stocked-up with items, this is one of the best side-quests to complete.

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How To Make Easy Money, Every Day | Cash Guide

To get a quick (and daily) infusion of cash in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, you’ll need to complete Po Town. After that, your trainer can return and complete a side-quest, allowing you to purchase Big Nuggets for 5,000. That’s a big investment, but Big Nuggets are sold for 20,000 — that’s 15,000 profit. The vendor will sell you one Big Nugget daily.

  • Step-by-Step: Big Nugget Side-Quest
    • Complete Po Town and defeat Team Skull as you progress the story.
    • After Po Town is completed, return to find Office Worker Royce.
    • Defeat him in a Pokémon battle to gain his trust and complete his side-quest.
    • After that, Royce will sell one Big Nugget every day. After selling one, you can return later when he restocks to buy another.

As stated above, buying and selling Big Nuggets will earn you 15,000 per transaction. That’s a huge amount of money, and you can save up your Big Nuggets and sell them all if you’ve got enough cash laying around to invest every day. Keep checking back and you’ll have tons of cash with very, very little effort.


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