Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: How To Boost Stats Fast | EV Training Guide

EVs, or Effort Values, aren’t new to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon. These hidden stat values for your Pokémon have been in plenty of previous games, but if you want to enhance them fast, you’ll need to know which areas to hunt.

Even the easiest Pokémon will increase your EVs after every defeat — level doesn’t change anything — but the specific type of Pokémon you fight can change your max HP, attack, defense, speed, and more.

Boosting your EVs is easy, and it’s best to save EV training for captured Pokémon. They’re blank-slates, with all EVs at 0 — perfect for training. All the EV spots we’ve got listed below are for very low-level areas, and they’re effective for the entire game. Learn all about EVs and the best way to boost them in Ultra Sun and Moon with the tips below.

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How To Boost Stats Fast | EV Training Guide

EVs, or effort values, are special hidden stats you can boost by fighting specific Pokémon. Often, you can completely max an EV by Level 20 if you play carefully, and these EV stats can significantly increase the power of a seemingly weak Pokémon. EVs cover several stats; HP, attack, defense, special attack, etc.

It sounds complicated, but here’s the basic rundown — Pokémon you catch in the wild start out with 0 EVs — they’re blank slates you can train in any way you want. Fight particular Pokémon to boost your EVs to turn a mediocre Pokémon into a master.

  • Before Getting Started…
    1. Complete the Fire Trial to unlock Adrenaline Orbs — purchase a stockpile of these.
      • Adrenaline Orbs increase SOS Pokémon chances.
    2. Purchase Power Items from the Battle Dome in the stats you want to increase for each Pokémon.
      • Example: Purchase Power Weight and equip to increase the HP EV stat faster.

Equip the Power items before getting started. If you need BP, you can earn it even faster through the Mantine Surfing mini-game. No need to battle, and you can earn 10 every round, making it very easy to farm — Beach Points and Battle Points will both work when purchasing from the Battle Dome vendor.

It helps to equip your party with one of each Power Item to increase every EV stat, all at the same time.

  • Power Weight = HP
  • Power Bracer = Attack
  • Power Ball = Defense
  • Power Lens = Special Attack
  • Power Band = Special Defense
  • Power Anklet = Speed

And it’s also worth mentioning that the Pokerus virus will speed up EV gains even more. A Pokémon with Pokerus will get double EV. You can contract Pokerus with a Pokerus-infected Pokémon, which (to simplify) can be gained by trading.


EV Training – Best Locations For Each Stat

EV Training is very similar to XP farming. The basics are the same. You’ll want a Pokémon with False Swipe or another attack that lowers HP to 1 without defeating the target Pokémon. That way, your target will summon SOS Pokémon. SOS Pokémon give double EVs gains over wild Pokémon.

  • Basic EV Training Method:
    1. Encounter a Pokémon that will increase the EVs you want.
    2. Lower its HP to 1 and use Adrenaline Orbs.
    3. Defeat SOS Pokémon that appear.
    4. Repeat you’ve farmed enough / maxed out your EV.

The trick is to find Pokémon that give specific EV stat bonuses.

  • HP EV Training Spot
    • Route 1: Caterpie
      • SOS Pokémon: Caterpie
  • Attack EV Training Spot
    • Ten Karat Hill – Farthest Hollow: Machop
      • SOS Pokémon: Machop
  • Defense EV Training Spot
    • Ten Karat Hill – Farthest Hollow: Roggenrola
      • SOS Pokémon: Roggenrola
  • Special Attack EV Training Spot
    • Hau’oli City Shopping District: Magnemite
      • SOS Pokémon: Magnemite
  • Special Defense EV Training Spot
    • Route 1: Ledyba [Day Only]
      • SOS Pokémon: Ledyba
  • Speed EV Training Spot
    • Route 1 – Trainer School: Meowth
      • SOS Pokémon: Meowth


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