Pokemon Sun & Moon: Demo Secrets Guide & Special Events Calendar


Want to get a special Ash-Greninja Pokemon and some useful items to give you early cash in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Play the secret-filled demo!

The demo isn’t just a short trial into the gameplay of the latest Pokemon on 3DS, it’s also full of hidden content you can explore post-game. That’s right, there are tons of reasons to return to the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo, even if you’ve already completed it — and even after you’ve purchased the full product.

Completing the demo is just the start. After defeating Team Skull, your trainer can return to Hau’oli City or Ten Carat Hill for further challenges and presents. Everything you unlock and earn can be transferred over to the full version of Pokemon Sun & Moon too. Some items can be earned a certain amount of days after finishing the demo’s story — but don’t worry! New players can still experience everything the demo has to offer. There’s no time limit here… not until you actually complete the story, that is. Get a full explanation in the secrets guide below.

Demo Secrets Guide

Here, we’ll cover all the extra activities, in-game events, and items you can earn by completing certain tasks in the demo post-completion. Everything here is related to the end of the demo, and you can access all this content by restarting the demo after the credits / promo material rolls out.

  • Post-Game Activities:
    • New trainers to challenge in Ten Carat Hill.
    • Defeat the Team Skull Admin
    • The Pokemon Catching Challenge in Ten Carat Hill.
    • New characters to talk to. [Some will appear at specific times after completion.]
    • Transfer earned demo items to the main game.
    • Check out a secret view of the Alolan Dugtrio
    • And more!

Now for the main event. Here are all the items you can unlock in the demo.

NOTE: Some items require that you must revisit after a certain amount of days has passed. We’ll discuss these calendar events in a separate section below in more detail.

  • Demo Rewards List
    • Ash-Greninja Pokemon – This special Greninja is unlocked by completing the demo.
    • Gold Nugget Item – Reward for catching 3 Pokemon in the Pokemon Catching Challenge in Ten Carat Hill.
    • Star Piece Item – Reward for defeating all the Pokemon Trainers in Ten Carat Hill.
    • 3 Stardust Item(s) – Destroy the rocks with Tauros on the eastern edge of Hau’oli after talking to the lady for this reward.
  • Calendar Event Rewards – These rewards can only be collected on a specific day following demo completion.
    • 10 Pretty Wings Item(s) – Talk to the NPC standing outside the Pokemon Center 1 day after completion.
    • Balm Mushroom Item – Talk to the Pikachu Trainer in Hau’oli City Hall 12 days after completion.
    • Comet Shard Item – Talk to the woman in the Ferry Terminal area 24 days after completion.

That’s all the rewards you can unlock, now let’s go over the steps to help you transfer your items to the main game.

  • How to Transfer Demo Items to the Main Game:
    1. Insert cart / download / preload Pokemon Sun and Moon — Do not delete the demo!
    2. Complete the demo trial -> Then talk to Professor Kukui in the Pokemon Center
    3. He will give you the option to transfer all your Pokemon / items from the demo to the main game.

It’s just that easy! You need the Demo and you need to have purchased the main game to transfer items. If you purchased a cart, insert the cart into your 3DS. If you purchased through the eShop, you can download / preload and transfer items while you download.

There’s still more to the demo! Let’s talk about Calendar Events.

Calendar Events Guide

After completing the trial in the demo, you’ll be able to experience special in-game events, new dialogue, or bonus rewards by checking back on specific days. The timer for these events begins right after you finish your trial — and you must visit on the specific day or you will miss your reward.

Note: Altering the 3DS internal clock will NOT ‘cheat’ the game, so don’t worry about attempting this, unless you have a modded 3DS.

  • Calendar Events List:
    • 1 Day (Item) – A man will appear outside the Pokemon Center and give away 10 Pretty Wings.
    • 5 Days (Event) – Go right from the Hau’oli City Hall to find a woman in a hat.
    • 12 Days (Item) – Find the Pikachu Trainer in Hau’oli City Hall to get a Balm Mushroom.
    • 18 Days (Event) – Talk to the officer at the Hau’oli City marina for an in-game event.
    • 24 Days (Item) – Speak with the woman in the Ferry Terminal for a Comet Shard reward.
    • 30/31 Days  (Event) – The Shopkeeper returns to remind players that Pokemon Sun & Moon is officially released.

There’s one special event that doesn’t match the usual Calendar Events. This is the Myterious Old Man — he’ll offer different messages on different days. Check back often to see what the old kook has to say periodically. He won’t give you any items, just strange dialogue.

We haven’t quite covered everything. There’s still some secrets to explore.

Everything Else You Might Miss

While the rest of the little details in the demo won’t provide in-game rewards, they might be worth checking out for the truly devoted. Here’s everything else you can find that’s a little secret, but doesn’t fit in any of the other categories.

  • Get a Look at the Alolan Dugtrio: After completing the demo, find a girl on the left-hand beach in Ten Carat Hill. You can use Rotom’s Zoom ability to spy on an Alolan Dugtrio!
  • Talk to Lillie on Friday Only: Professor Kukui’s assistant Lillie appears for some new dialogue near the entrance to Ten Carat Hill.
  • Talk to Hau on Sunday Night Only: During this specific time, Hau can be found outside the Malasauda Restaurant in the city. Talking to him will trigger an event.

The only other appearing / reappearing character is your mom! Find seemingly at random outside / around the clothing shop.

That’s everything we know about hidden away in the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo so far! Drop us a comment if there’s something we missed, or if you have any question!

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