New Item Available For Pokemon Sun & Moon Special Demo


Pokemon has been a massive hit this year thanks to the franchise’s 20th anniversary and the release of Pokemon Go. Now with more and more gamers interested in catching them all once again to become a true Pokemon master, attention has been set on the latest upcoming video game release, Pokemon Sun, and Pokemon Moon.

If you own a Nintendo’s handheld the 3DS, then chances are you have already been toying around with the Pokemon Sun and Moon’s demo which gives gamers a small little adventure to go through. One of the neat aspects that may interest gamers to downloading the demo was the fact that items can be transferable to the main game when it officially releases.

With this feature, there has incentive for gamers to jump on the demo as there will be new items from time-to-time that gamers to transfer to either Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon. Today’s current item is a total of ten Pretty Wings which can be claimed by talking to the man outside the Pokemon Center.

More of these events will be happening as we lead up to the launch of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon which hits the market worldwide this November 18, 2016, for the Nintendo 3DS.