Pokemon Sun & Moon: Preload Available Now | Get 12 Free Quick Balls


Don’t wait to download Pokemon Sun & Moon on 11/18 — get it early and preload so you’re prepared to play the minute it unlocks. Preloading is available to anyone that’s purchased the full game early from the Nintendo 3DS eShop, and will reward you with a quick bonus reward of 12 free Quick Balls.

Get all the exacting details below, including a full list of countries where preloading is available, and how to claim your 12 free Quick Balls. For extra help, we’ll also provide details on how to transfer demo items over to the main game.

Preload Available Now | Get 12 Free Quick Balls

Here’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon Sun & Moon preload.

  • Preload is available on 3DS in these regions:
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Australia
    • Japan
  • Requirement: Must have 3.2 GB free to download.

Completing the download will provide you with 12 free Quick Balls!

  • How to Collect Your Preload Items: Activate the Pokemon Sun & Moon demo to collect your items. Any items earned in the Pokemon Sun & Moon demo can be transferred to the full game.
    • NOTE: 12 Free Quick Balls are limited to Europe & Australia. If that changes, we’ll update this section with more info.

While downloading Pokemon Sun & Moon, you can also get another reward — Ash-Greninja! This is a special Alolan Greninja, and is unlocked by completing the demo.

  • How to Transfer Rewards:
    1. Download / Insert your copy of Pokemon Sun & Moon on the 3DS. This also works if you are preloading or still downloading. (DO NOT DELETE THE DEMO!)
    2. Talk to Professor Kukui in the Pokemon Center after completing the demo.
    3. Voila! You can transfer your items, including Ash-Greninja, and get your rewards.

There’s plenty to do and see in the Pokemon Sun & Moon demo, so it’s worth re-exploring every chance you get. You won’t be able to get more super-powerful Pokemon like Ash-Greninja, but you can bring valuable items to sell and get your journey started on the right foot.