Pokemon Sun & Moon: Get Your Munchlax Mystery Gift & Snorlium-Z Now


Pokemon Sun and Moon is finally here, and everyone getting the game this weekend can also unlock the bonus Munchlax Pokemon by connecting to the internet on the 3DS and accepting the Mystery Gift from the main menu. It’s really easy to do, and you don’t need to get far in the adventure to unlock this bonus.

Note: The Munchlax event lasts until January 11, 2017.

Even better, Munchlax comes with an already-equipped Snorlium-Z crystal. What’s that? It’s a special Z-Crystal used to unlock a very unique Z-Move. The Z-Moves and special super-attacks that initiate a short cutscene and can only be used once per battle, but they’re crazy effective. Don’t miss out on this guy. Check out the quickie tutorial below to learn how to get your hands on this Mystery Gift.

Munchlax Mystery Gift Event

Be fast! Munchlax won’t be available forever. To claim your Munchlax (and the Snorlium-Z crystal it carries) follow these super-simple steps.pokemonsumo9-munchlax

  • How to Claim Mystery Gifts
    1. Start up Pokemon Sun/Moon.
    2. Go to the main menu after the title screen.
    3. Select the Mystery Gift option.
    4. Select ‘Receive Gift’ — it will ask you to connect to the internet.
    5. Agree to connect to the internet.

Note: Munchlax will appear with a random gender.

If your 3DS connects to the internet correctly, you’ll receive your Munchlax Mystery Gift. Enjoy!


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