Pokemon Sun and Moon Each Get an Exclusive Ultra Beast


The upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games are ready to turn the norms of the video game franchise upside down, taking bold new directions in their mechanics. One example of this is the removal of Pokemon Gyms. Whereas the player would normally challenge eight Gym leaders and their strong Pokemon in order to obtain badges, eventually taking on the Pokemon League – Sun and Moon instead has an Island Trials system where the Trainer’s knowledge and skills are tested, earning the right to take on the local Totem Pokemon, and then finally battling the island captains and Kahuna. Another big change is that some of the Pokemon from older generations of the video games reappear in a new Alola form. This is a result of environmental adaptation, allowing the critters to mix in better with the rest of the inhabitants.

But the biggest left turn Pokemon Sun and Moon has in store are the mysterious Ultra Beasts, who appear on the Alola islands and cause havoc in their wake. Learn more about these version-exclusive strangers in a new video uploaded to the Pokemon YouTube channel.

This announcement wasn’t a complete surprise to some astute fans, who caught an earlier glimpse in a recent CoroCoro magazine spread. UB-02 Absorption is the Pokemon Sun Ultra Beast, while UB-02 Beauty is the Pokemon Moon one. When UB-01 Beauty was revealed a while ago, nobody knew what to make of the creature. Are these things even Pokemon? Or have humans found a way to transform themselves into hybrids with Pokemon-like qualities? Keen eyed viewers have discovered these Ultra Beasts are similar in appearance to some of the new people that are in the center of the game’s story-line. Only time will tell for sure for this mystery is all about.

Pokemon Sun and Moon comes to Nintendo 3DS on November 18th. For the latest Pokemon news, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.