Pokemon Sun & Moon: Find These NPCs For Free Pokemon | Gifts Guide


The Alola Region is full of helpful NPCs, but none are better than those charitable souls that give the player free Pokemon in Sun and Moon. Sometimes mandatory, but often hidden and ready to share rare Pokemon, these useful NPCs give gifts with no strings attached if you find and talk to them.

Well… some strings attached. You’ll need to hit certain milestones in the main story before some of these guys will give up the goods. Whatever the case, we’ll provide location details and descriptions to help net you a handful of free Pokemon for your party.

Free Pokemon Gift Guide

To get free Pokemon, talk to the NPCs listed below.

  • Note: At the beginning of the game, you will get to choose between three Pokemon (Litten, Rowlet and Popplio.) in Iki Town. This is your first ‘gift’ Pokemon, but it can’t be missed so we’re skipping that here.

Gift Pokemon – NPC Locations


  • Gift #1: Eevee 
    • NPC Location: Paniola Ranch – Talk to the woman at the main desk of Paniola Ranch to get an Eevee
    • Requirements: Given only on your first visit, have to incubate the egg and wait for it to hatch. It will always be an Eevee.
  • Gift #2: Porygon

    • NPC Location: Aether House – Return to Route 15 and talk to the employee in Aether House.
    • Requirements: Must complete the Elite 4 and finish the main story with the Aether Foundation.
  • Gift #3: Aerodactyl

    • NPC Location: Huntail House – Go to the Huntail House in Seafolk Village on Poni Island. Talk to the trainer in the back corner.
    • Requirements: N/A
  • Gift #4: Type: Null
    • NPC Location: Aether Paradise – Talk to Gladion in the Conservation enclosure to gain this Pokemon. You will also get the Memories required to change form after Type: Null evolves.
    • Requirements: Must complete the Elite 4 and finish the main story with the Aether Foundation.

We’ll update this article with additional free Pokemon locations if more are made available.

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