Video Game Voice Actor Strike Continues With Virtual Picket Line


The union representing the actors is launching a virtual picket line via social media today. This is to follow up the series of physical pickets at developers like EA and Insomniac Games over the ongoing voice actor strike.

SAG-AFTRA is asking its members to speak up on Twitter in order to show that “[the union’s] greatest strength is [its] unity.”

According to Deadline, SAG-AFTRA says that beginning at 12 PM PT/3 PM ET today, its member should retweet SAG-AFTRA’s Twitter posts and share its Facebook stories. The union is also calling for its members to take a “solidarity selfie or group photo” and use the hashtag #PerformanceMatters.

Here are a few of the sample tweets that SAG-AFTRA is recommending that people use:

  • “@EA and @Activision, negotiate a fair contract! #PerformanceMatters”
  • “@EA and @Activision, we love the characters in your games! Make a fair deal because #PerformanceMatters”
  • “@EA and @Activision, you are causing your performers vocal stress! #PerformanceMatters”

One of the key strike elements, which began on October 21st, is around residual payments. The gaming industry refuses to offer residual payment bonuses and other profit-sharing opportunities, according to the union. More specifically, SAG-AFTRA asked that its performers receive an additional “full-scale paymen” for every 500,000 units sold, for a maximum of four secondary payments if the game sells 2 million copies.

SAG-AFTRA has most recently picketed Insomniac Games with a turnout of more than 450 people, and Warner Bros.

“We’re staying out as long as it takes until the game producers decide to come back to the bargaining table and be reasonable,” said actor Phil LaMarr, who is a member of the union’s negotiating committee.