Pokemon Sun and Moon’s vs Pokemon X and Y’s Launch Sales in Japan

3157303-solgaleoPokemon Sun and Moon are off to a pretty decent start in Japan. Famitsu (via Kotaku) has reported that Pokemon Sun and Moon sold an impressive 1,905,107 copies at retail during the first three days of its release.

In comparison Pokemon X and Y reportedly sold 1,866,570 copies in Japan in its first two days on the market. However, this number does not include digital copies. Famitsu has also stated that Pokemon X and Y managed to sell 2.096 million copies in first three days, which places it ahead of Sun and Moon.

Although Sun and Moon sales may be lagging behind X and Y a bit, 1.905 million copies sold stands as the second best launch ever for a 3DS game in Japan, so at least the title has one achievement to its name as far as sales go.

However, Nintendo has yet to announce official sales numbers for Pokemon Sun and Moon for Japan, or any other worldwide market for the matter. However, we will be certain to keep our eyes peeled for those numbers as soon as they are released.

It’s no surprise that strong sales for Sun and Moon occurred, Nintendo shipped 10 million copies of the game to retail for launch, which is 1.5 times the figure for X and Y. The game also set a preorder record for Nintendo in addition to that.