Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to Catch Ditto | Rare Pokemon Guide


Ditto isn’t so hard to catch this time. Thanks to QR Codes, Ditto’s location has been found in Sun and Moon. All you have to do is visit the right island, scrounge around the correct route, and bring tons of extra Pokeballs. Beware, Ditto won’t join your party without a fight, and his catch rate is lower than in other Pokemon core entries. Check out the full guide below for more details to get you catching your first Ditto in Sun and Moon.

In previous installments like XY and ORAS, Ditto could be a pain to catch — in XY, Ditto only appear after completing the eighth gym, while ORAS kept Ditto hidden in one of two Mirage locations that can’t be reached until gaining the Fly ability. Still, if you knew the location, Ditto wasn’t so bad. His appearance rate wasn’t as low compared to Sun and Moon, so be prepared to throw plenty of Pokeballs before Ditto is your’s.

How to Catch Ditto | Rare Pokemon Location

[Work-in-Progress: More Ditto details will be revealed once we capture this Pokemon for ourselves.]

In both Sun and Moon, Ditto appears on Island 3 — Ula’ula Island on Mount Hokulani.

  • To locate Ditto’s specific location, scan the QR Code shown below.


Scanning a QR Code adds the Pokemon’s entry to the Rotom Dex. Check the new entry to find Pokemon living locations for the selecting Pokemon.

We’ll provide more Ditto details as we know more about this rare and mysterious Pokemon. Check back soon!

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