Pokemon Sun & Moon: All Pokemon QR Codes | Complete Gallery


Pokemon Sun and Moon adds the ability to scan QR Codes for each and every Pokemon available, and helpful redditors have provided the complete list of codes for your easy perusal, covering the complete list of all-new Generation 7 Pokemon. Scanning a QR Code doesn’t just add the Pokemon entry to your Rotom Dex — it also shows you locations on where to capture each scanned Pokemon.

No, this won’t add Pokemon to your party, but it does make tracking each type down much easier. Here you’ll find codes for ever new Pokemon exclusive to Generation 7, but we’ll also provide links to galleries with every variation too — shiny Pokemon, color variants, and everything else a completion-maniac will want for the Pokedex. This is an overabundance of riches, so all thanks go out to Reckless_Chomp on Reddit and others for providing this list to the community.

QR Codes | All Sun/Moon Pokemon

QR Codes are scanned through the Rotom Pokedex. You’ll gain the new Pokedex from the Professor early in your adventure, and can begin scanning QR Codes anywhere — including off computer monitors!

  • To scan a code, line-up the black and white square with the outline on your 3DS Camera. Just follow the instructions after selecting QR Code from the Rotom Dex.

Scanning a QR Code will add the Pokemon entry to your Pokedex, and reveal locations where it can be captured. Not all Pokemon can be captured on Sun or Moon, so results may vary depending on which version you own.


Whether you’re looking to complete the Pokedex, or just want to find your favorite Pokemon, check out the entries in the gallery or browse the IMGur gallery linked above to make catchin’ ’em all a breeze.

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