Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to Learn New Trainer Battle Styles


Want to change-up your Pokeball throwing technique (and even more trainer animations) in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Now you can. Each Trial Captain has his or her own throwing technique, and you can learn their styles from a very specific NPC somewhere in Alola.

Once a throwing technique is set, you’ll have to revisit the Pokeball throw trainer to switch it back — don’t worry, this is Pokemon, so you’re never locked into one choice.

Learn all about this new way to customize your trainer’s style in Pokemon Sun and Moon with the complete guide below.

How to Learn New Trainer Battle Styles

[Updated: Added methods to obtain all available Battle Styles in Sun / Moon.]

To learn new Pokeball Throw / Battle Styles, you’ll need to complete at least two requirements.

  1. Find the Pokeball Throw Trainer NPC.
  2. Complete Battle Style unlock challenges.
    • Many challenges involve rebattling Trial Captains.
    • Trial Captains return to their homes after their Island Kahuna is defeated.

Each Trial Captain you defeat in their respective home will unlock one new Pokeball Throw / Battle Style, which you can learn from the Pokeball Throw Trainer NPC.

  • Pokeball Throw Style Trainer Location: Ula’ula Island – Outside the Recycling Plant
    • Will teach you new Pokeball Throwing / Battle Styles.

Battle Styles List:

  • Normal Style:
    • Unlock Requirements: N/A
  • Elegant Style:
    • Unlock Requirements: Malie City, Outer Cape — Available after talking to the Battle Style NPC.
  • Girlish Style:
    • Unlock Requirements: Konikoni City — Rebattle Lana and win.
  • Reverent Style:
    • Unlock Requirements (Sun): Paniola Town — Rebattle Kiawe and win.
    • Unlock Requirements (Moon): Lush Jungle — Rebattle Mallow and win.
  • Smug Style:
    • Unlock Requirements: Mt. Lanakila — Battle Gladion before the Elite Four.
  • Left-Handed Style:
    • Unlock Requirements: Hau’oli City — Rebattle Ilima and win.
  • Passionate Style:
    • Unlock Requirements: Battle Tree Arena — Reach a Battle Tree streak of 50 or more.
  • Idol Style:
    • Unlock Requirements: Battle Royal — Defeat a Master Rank trainer.

Rebattling Trial Captains will also give you valuable items — Evolution Stones and Pokemon held-items are common rewards, along with new Pokeball Throw Styles.

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