Report: Pokemon Sun & Moon Will Arrive on Nintendo Switch as Pokemon Stars


A report has surfaced via Eurogamer, citing “multiple sources,” that the upcoming 3DS game, Pokemon Sun & Moon, will be getting a Nintendo Switch release as Pokemon Stars.

Per the publication, the game is said to be already in development at GameFreak, the maker of the Pokemon games. The title is said to contain all the new Pokemon contained in Sun & Moon and also include new content.

The game is reported to have been in development at the same time as the 3DS games. If true, the title will be the first Pokemon game to ever come out on a console. Other titles in the series have been confined to handheld gaming devices.

Eurogamer says that the title was delayed slightly in order to polish up the 3DS release. Although the Switch version contains largely the same content, Stars will contain high resolution graphics. It will also be possible to trade Pokemon between versions.

Nintendo has not officially announced the game at this time, but Eurogamer stipulates that it will be released in late 2017.