Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to Efficiently Level Up Poke Pelago


The Poke Pelago is a relaxing set of islands you can use for a variety of purposes in Pokemon Sun and Moon. There are five islands in total, and by gaining beans, you’ll be able to level up and unlock new features or new islands. While Isle Abeens, the first island available for all us Poke Pelago enthusiasts, doesn’t seem as useful or as exciting as later islands, it’s actually critical for leveling up the entire Poke Pelago.

If you’re willing to stick with Isle Abeens, you’ll earn the rest of Poke Pelago in no-time — and you’ll want to get everything here. The second island allows you to plant and grow berries, and the third island is all about sending your trustworthy Pokemon on 24-hour adventures to (hopefully) find rare treasure. The fourth island works sort of like the old Pokemon Daycare system, letting you drop-off Pokemon and breed them while you’re away. The final island, Isle Avue, will help you increase Pokemon happiness.

Poke Pelago – Faster Level Up Guide

To efficiently level-up Poke Pelago, you’ll need to focus on Isle Abeens. Each island serves a different purpose, and let’s cover those features to give you a clear picture why Isle Abeens is so important.

  • Isle Abeens (1st Isle): Allows to meet and befriend Wild Pokemon and is the only isle that produces Poke Beans.
  • Isle Aplenny (2nd Isle): Gives you a farm to plant / grow and harvest berries.
  • Isle Aphun (3rd Isle): Send Pokemon away on a daily adventure to find treasure. Evolution stones and other rare items can be found here, but you’ll lose access to the Pokemon you send for 24 hours.
  • Isle Evelup (4rth Isle): The Pokemon Daycare island works different than previous daycares — you leave a Pokemon with the daycare, and they will have a chance to breed, depending on which Pokemon you leave.
  • Isle Avue (5th Isle): An egg hatchery and isle for increasing the happiness of your Pokemon.

Out of the five islands, only Isle Abeens produces beans. Beans are the resource and currency you’ll have to collect to level-up the Poke Pelago.


Gaining Beans – Tips & Tricks:

  • Invest your beans in Isle Abeens first!
    • Pokemon will randomly appear on the Isle. The more Pokemon you have, the more likely you are to gain more beans per visit. [RUMOR]
  • There is a daily limit on Beans. You can only earn a certain amount.
  • Tap the palm tree when visiting the isle for more beans.
  • You can get extra beans by visiting coffee shops in Alola — once per day.
  • Don’t waste beans to feed Pokemon!

That’s basically everything you need to know about leveling up Poke Pelago. Got your own tips or corrections? Let us know in the comments!

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