Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to Use Island Scan | Daily Events Guide


Because there wasn’t already enough to get done in Pokemon Sun and Moon, now you can add Daily Events to your endless to-do list, right underneath “Catch ’em all.” These special occurences renew daily — sometimes presenting rewards, while other times giving you a new challenge to overcome.

The most important of these events, in this writer’s opinion, is the Island Scan. Scan ten QR Codes and you’ll gain the ability to scan islands for rare Pokemon, instantly pin-pointing a position. There’s a Pokemon for each day of the week, and the choice changes depending on which island you scan. That gives you a total of 28 Pokemon to find, most of which originate from Generation 2/5.

And that’s just one of the Daily Events. See what else there to keep up with in the Alola Region in the full list of entries below.

Daily Events Calendar

Daily Events are special occurences that change on a daily basis. All of these events alter after a calendar day passes. Check back often to get new rewards, find rare Pokemon, or enter into battles.

Using Island Scan For Rare Pokemon

  • Event: Island Scan allows you to scan an island for rare Pokemon. The Pokemon changes depending on the day of the week, and the island.
  • Requirement: Scan 10 QR Codes and gain 100 QR Points.
  • Location: Melemele Island, Akala Island, Ula’ula Island, Poni Island

The amazing Island Scan ability can only be unleashed once you’ve scanned 10 QR Codes. Once you start a scan, you’ll pinpoint the location of a specific Pokemon — the Pokemon is different for each island, on each day of the week. Check out the list below to see which island has which Pokemon on which day.

  • Island Scan Pokemon By Day
    • Sunday: Cyndaquil (Melemele) | Gothita (Akala) | Rhyhorn (Ula’ula) | Eelektross (Poni)
    • Monday: Totodile (Melemele) | Spheal (Akala) | Swinub (Ula’ula) | Conkeldurr (Poni)
    • Tuesday: Deino (Melemele) | Luxio (Akala) | Duosion (Ula’ula) | Togekiss (Poni)
    • Wednesday: Horsea (Melemele) | Honedge (Akala) | Roselia (Ula’ula) | Leavanny (Poni)
    • Thursday: Klink (Melemele) | Venipede (Akala) | Staravia (Ula’ula) | Serperior (Poni)
    • Friday: Chikorita (Melemele) | Bellsprout (Akala) | Vigoroth (Ula’ula) | Samurott (Poni)
    • Saturday: Litwick (Melemele) | Marill (Akala) | Axew (Ula’ula) | Emboar (Poni)

For help tracking down plenty of points, check out our gallery of Pokemon Sun/Moon QR Codes here.

Part-Time Job At Hano Beach

  • Event: Interact with Pyukumuku on the beach to return them to the ocean. Push all of them in the water to gain 20,000.
  • Requirement: Simply find and push every beached Pyukumuku on Hano Beach
  • Location: Hano Beach

The Pyukumuku respawn on Hano Beach daily. Helping out and pushing them back into the sea will earn you a 20,000 bonus reward each time you finish.

Berry Tree Refills

  • Event: A pile of berries will spawn under certain trees daily. Searching the pile will reward you with a berry, or a Pokemon battle.
  • Requirement: None! Just finding the berry trees.
  • Location: Route 2, Route 3, Route 4, Route 5, Route 8, Route 10, Route 16, Route 17, Poni Wilds, Poni Plains, Secluded Shore

Berry Trees are found all over the Alola Region, and each will reward you with a single Berry (or battle!) when you search the multi-colored pile at the base of the tree. Every Berry tree refills daily, so if you’re enterprising, you can visit multiple Berry trees in a day for extra rewards.

Free Berry Samples at the Megamart

  • Event: The Free Samples counter will give the player one of seven Berry types for free, daily.
  • Requirement: Visit the Thrifty Megamart.
  • Location: Royal Avenue, Thrifty Megamart

The large chainstore is always giving out free sample Berries, but you’ll only get one a day. There are seven berries, and the daily berry is always random.

  • Berry Types: Oran, Bluk, Sitrus, Pinap, Mago, Rawst, Tamato

On top of the Berry trees, you can get plenty of Berries daily, especially if you’ve earned the Fly ability.

Play the Daily Lotto to (Eventually) Win Big

  • Event: There is a daily lotto available in Hau’oli City. Depending on how many numbers you match, you’ll win bigger and bigger prizes.
  • Requirement: The more (and different) Pokemon IDs in your box, the more likely you are to win.
  • Location: Hau’oli City Tourist Center

The lotto runs daily, and by keeping a varied set of Pokemon ID numbers in your box, you can increase your chances of winning. Find the prizes listed below.

  • Loto-ID Prize Pool (By Number of Matches)
    1. Moomoo Milk
    2. PP Up
    3. PP Max
    4. Rare Candy
    5. Master Ball

The best item you can get is a Master Ball for five number matches. There’s plenty more to do in Hau’oli City daily, too! Such as…

Battle And A Meal At The Battle Buffet

  • Event: Choose your course meal at the Battle Buffet restaurant to encounter a gauntlet of trainers. Resets daily.
  • Requirement: Pay to play — Trainers become high-level after completing the Elite Four.
  • Location: Hau’oli City

Like in Pokemon X/Y, Battle Buffets return in Sun/Moon. Like in those games, you’ll fight a handful of trainers depending on how many courses you’ve ordered. It’s a good way to encounter lots of trainers all at once, and can be repeated after the Championship to battle tougher opponents.

Make Your Pokemon Happy With A Massage

  • Event: Increases Pokemon happiness when they receive a daily Lomi lomi massage.
  • Requirement: Talk to the vendor with the oil symbol on their sign.
  • Location: Konikoni City

One vendor on the market street will offer to massage your Pokemon for a quick happiness boost. It can only be done once per day, but the Lomi lomi massage sounds very relaxing.


Pokemon Center Cafe Delicacies

  • Event: The Cafe in the Pokemon Center will serve a different local delicacy daily, and tell a story about each type. There is a new type every day.
  • Requirement: Purchase from the Cafe in the Pokemon Center.
  • Location: All Pokemon Centers in the Alola Region

Along with tea and other drinks, the Pokemon Center cafe also provides special snacks. These semi-desserts are swapped daily, and a new one appears depending on the day of the week.

  • Daily Cafe Snack Calendar
    • Sunday: Sweet Heart
    • Monday: Lumiose Galette
    • Tuesday: Rage Candy Bar
    • Wednesday: Casteliacone
    • Thursday: Old Gateau
    • Friday: Shalour Sable
    • Saturday: Lava Cookie

Each item has a different effect, but most simply heal a selection of status ailments for your Pokemon.

New Items in Festival Plaza

  • Event: Festival Plaza stores will randomly swap items daily.
  • Requirement: All items sold in Festival Plaza require Festival Coins to purchase.
  • Location: Festival Plaza

Festival Plaza is the new physical multiplayer space where you can meet strangers or bring friends to battle. There are also special shops here that run on Festival Coins. Stock changes daily, so check back often to find rare items.

Daily Battles At the Game Freak Offices

  • Event: Battle Pokemon Sun/Moon battle designer Shigeki Morimoto in the Game Freak — battles change daily.
  • Requirement: Must complete the Elite 4 and finish the Championship.
  • Location: Heahea City

Heahea City is home to a Game Freak office, and there you can encounter Shigeki Morimoto, the guy that headed the design of the Pokemon battle system in Sun / Moon. Come back once a day to battle with all of his Pokemon.

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