Horizon Zero Dawn Story Trailer Shows New Threats and More

The community manager of Guerilla Games, Jeroen Roding, took to the PlayStation Blog to release a brand new trailer for the upcoming PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn.

The trailer is a big one as it shows viewers a new threat Aloy must face. Watch the full trailer down below:


To date, Horizon‘s trailers have offered glimpses of the game’s majestic, post-post-apocalyptic world and awe-inspiring machines. There’s a lot we’ve yet to show, but we’re starting the new year with a big new trailer that focuses on yet another threat for Aloy to face.

Like Roding mentions above, not much detail about the game’s plot has been revealed. However, we do know that Horizon Zero Dawn is set in an apocalyptic world, where humanity has basically set itself back to the stone age. Besides that, though, most of it remains a mystery and it will surely pay off when the game launches next month.

Horizon Zero Dawn will release exclusively for the PS4 on February 28.