Pokemon Sun & Moon: All the Version Exclusive Pokemon | Full List


Pokemon Sun and Moon each contain a selection of special Pokemon that are totally exclusive to each version. Some Pokemon, like the legendary Solgaleo or Lunala can only be found in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon respectively. Choosing which version to take isn’t an easy choice — and knowing which of your new favorite Pokemon are available to capture naturally is a big part of that decision. Below you’ll find a full list of Pokemon, split by version, showing which exclusives you’ll find in Sun and Moon. Hopefully that’ll make your choice easier just a little easier.

Although some Pokemon are exclusive, it’s still possible to catch ’em all. You can still add every Pokemon to your Pokedex — you’ll just need a friend to trade with. Then there’s the online features, letting you trade Pokemon with anyone, anywhere on the planet. Take advantage of both! That way, you won’t have to miss a single species.

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Sun & Moon | Version Exclusive Pokemon

[Work-in-Progress: We don’t have the full list of Pokemon available for Sun & Moon quite yet. All the information here is based on leaks, but we’ll update as more Pokemon are discovered or revealed. Check back soon! The full release is less than a week away.]

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are two versions of the same game with minor differences. One of those differences? The Pokemon you’ll find in the wild. Depending on your version, different species will appear — or alternate forms. Some Pokemon will gain exclusive evolutions, and the Legendary Pokemon (featured on the cover!) will be different depending on which version you choose to select.

Below, we’ll list all the exclusive Pokemon split by version, with a picture, description, and type.

Pokemon Sun | Exclusive Pokemon List

  • Passimianpokemonsumo-passimian
    • Type: Fighting

A Pokemon that’s all about teamwork, Passimian works together with a pack, passing hard-shelled berries to help friends or hurt enemies. Seen taking a Quarterback-like stance, Passimian even wears a green helmet fashioned from hard Alolan berries.



  • Turtonatorpokemonsumo-turtonator

    • Type: Fire / Dragon

This explosive turtle Pokemon features elements of a common tortoise mixed with a landmine. That makes a tough combination, and the fire type / dragon type combo only makes sense for a fire-breather. The heavy shell it uses to protect itself makes this tank-like Pokemon ideal for the lava-filled volcano environments found in Alola.


  • Lycanroc (Midday Form)pokemonsumo-lycanrocmidnight
    • Type: Rock

The second form and first evolution of Rockruff is a wolf-like Pokemon that lives alone. While still threatening, the Midday Form of Lycanroc isn’t nearly as menacing as the werewolf-like menace exuding from her brother, the Lycanroc Midnight Form. In its midday form, it retains the light-brown colors and looks much more like a wolf, ready to pounce on prey.



  • Vulpix (Alolan Form)pokemonsumo-vulpixalolan

    • Type: Ice

Vulpix and Ninetails return in Pokemon Sun with their all-new Alolan forms. Switched from their traditional fire type, both are now ice type due to their living conditions on a cold Alolan island. Although it doesn’t visit warm climates often, Alolan Vulpix can lower the temperature of an area on command.



  • Ninetails (Alolan Form)pokemonsumo-nintalesalolan

    • Type: Ice / Fairy

The Alolan evolution for Vulpix, Alolan Ninetails becomes a dual-type with the addition of Fairy. This chilly Ninetails features a billowing tail, making it resemble a freezing winter fog. It has adapted to live on high peaks and traverse freezing conditions on mountains.



  • Solgaleopokemonsumo-solgaleo

    • Type: Psychic / Steel

The sol-based Legendary found only in Pokemon Sun comes in two phases — normal, and Radiant Sun. When transformed, Solgaleo can expend the vast amounts of solar energy from its body, and glows brightly. This Pokemon can’t be captured by normal means. Only the strongest trainers will be able to calm it’s burning personality.



  • UB-02 Absorptionpokemonsumo-ub2absorption

    • Type: N/A

This Ultra Beast only appears in Pokemon Sun, and resembles a massive, muscular lobster. This massive creature is all about physical attacks and high defense, and can bring the pain with its over-sized fists, raining punches on unsuspecting Pokemon and their trainers if they’re not ready for a tough fight.



Pokemon Moon | Exclusive Pokemon List

  • Orangurupokemonsumo-oranguru

    • Type: Normal / Psychic

This wise old orangutan lives alone, deep in the forests, where it can calmly ponder the mysteries of life. Orangurus, according to legend, were once mistaken for humans deep in the Alolan forests, due to their highly intelligent nature.




  • Drampapokemonsumo-drampa

    • Type: Normal / Dragon

Another dual-type, this calming sea monster comes from the skies high above the Alola region. Looking something like a Chinese Dragon (think Dragon Ball Z), this chill creature rides on a wave. It likes to move slow, take its time, and doesn’t really like going up stairs. Constantly riding on a cloud, Drampa loves nothing more than caring for its children.




  • Lycanroc (Midnight Form)

    • Type: Rockpokemonsumo-lycanrocmidnight

The aggressive, and red-hued Midnight Form of Lycanroc loves to fight, and it shows. Looking more like a werewolf than a regular wolf, Midnight Form Lycanroc walks on two feet, and remains permanently hunched over, coiled and ready to attack.



  • Sandshrew (Alolan Form)pokemonsumo-sandshrewalolan
    • Type: Ice / Steel

Leaving the ground, the chilly Sandshrew has adapted to Alola and become a dual-type; Ice and Steel. Like the ice Vulpix, Sandshrew also migrated to the freezing mountains of the Alolan region where it took on new traits.




  • Sandslash (Alolan Form)pokemonsumo-sandslashalolan

    • Type: Ice / Steel

Replacing quills with even bigger icicles, the Alolan Sandslash uses its claws to carve through the snow on high mountains where most trainers won’t dare tread. They might be rare, but photographers covet Sandslash sightings due to the snow they kick up.




  • Lunalapokemonsumo-lunala

    • Type: Psychic / Ghost

The Legendary of Pokemon Moon is a massive bat with guillotine-like wings. It is the opposite of Pokemon Sun’s Solgaleo, and absorbs dark energy into its body instead of light. The Full Moon form changes the colors of Lunala so it more closely resembles a complete moon, right before unleashing its deadly psychic abilities.




  • UB-02 Beautypokemonsumo-ub2beauty

    • Type: N/A

The exclusive Ultra Beast found in Pokemon Moon is UB-02 Beauty, a slender mantis-like being that can move faster than lightning. Its strange features sap the will to fight from trainers, suggesting it will lean more heavily on buffs / debuffs when you encounter it later in the story.





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