The Best Speedruns of the Most Iconic NES Games Ever

The NES Classic Edition releases on November 11th. And while some might say the SNES deserved this treatment more, or who cares because many people have these games either legally or illegally in many different forms, it’s still a momentous occasion for Nintendo. For years people have lamented their seeming aversion to money, as shown by their thin library of classics on both the Wii U, 3DS, and their predecessors. I’m sure you have heard people groan: “Nintendo, why won’t you take my money?” With their recent entrance into the mobile market, and the excitement surrounding the Switch, Nintendo appears to have maybe, just maybe, turned a new leaf.

And that brings us to the palm-sized Nintendo Classic Edition. For $60 you can relive your childhood or, better, introduce new generations to an assortment of 30 games that undeniably shaped the industry. Perhaps the best part of the NES Mini is that it does emulation right. It’s more consistent with the aesthetic and feel than the Virtual Console has been, and most certainly better than that of ROMs.

Because of the authenticity of the experience, attempting to master these games again (or for the first time) may be in the cards for some devoted gamers.

Let’s take a look at the world records (fastest speedruns) for nine of the most iconic games that you can relive with the NES Classic.


Speedrun (Any %, Normal Mode): 11m 37s by kmac
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100% Completion: 25m 16s by Mahlasarvi
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Kirby’s Adventure

Speedrun (Any %, No Major Glitches): 44m 50s by race_out

100% Completion: 49m 19s by race_out

The Legend of Zelda

Speedrun: 28m 50s by lackattack24

Mega Man 2

Speedrun (No Glitches): 29m 28s by Seth Glass


Speedrun: 15m 36s by Chris “cak” Knight (Note this video shows a previous world record run from Knight)

Ninja Gaiden

Speedrun: 11m 44.471s by Arcus
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Super Mario Bros.

Speedrun: 4m 56.878s by darbian

Super Mario Bros. 2

Speedrun: 8m 26s by IluvMario (very fitting, indeed)
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Super Mario Bros. 3

Speedrun: 3m 8.52s by Mitchflowerpower
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