PS4 Pro: How to Transfer Saves, Files & Games From the Original PS4


Whether you’re transferring files from an original PS4 to the PS4 Pro, or the PS4 Slim, or some other combination of the Playstation 4 family of consoles, the process is about get easy thanks to the 4.00 update, which adds new functionality that allows Playstation consoles to move files with just an ethernet cable connection.

With the 4.00 update installed, you’ll be able to move files from one console’s HD to another. This includes any Playstation 4 console; PS4 original to PS4 Pro, PS4 slim to PS4 Pro, PS4 original to PS4 original, etc. Basically, any Playstation 4 system is included, whether you’re moving up, trading down, or replacing another console.

To make everything happen properly, you’ll need to meet a few requirements. Learn all about the file transfer system with the guide below.

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PS4 – How to Transfer Save Files, Games & Share Content

[STATUS: Updated with lots of new PS4 PRO info and exact directions.]

Save files, games, system settings, and any other content can be easily transferred from one Playstation 4 console to another.

Method #1: Transferring Files with an Ethernet Cable

This method can be done by linking two Playstation 4 consoles with an ethernet cable. Both consoles will need to be ON, and both consoles must be logged into the same PSN account.

  • Requirements:
    • A standard ethernet cable. -OR- Wifi Network
    • Internet Connection (To sign-in to your PSN account.)
    • 4.00 System Update (On both systems.)

Both linked systems must be fully updated.

  1. When you turn on your PS4 PRO, it will prompt you to transfer files from another PS4 system. Follow the menu intructions on the PS4 PRO — it will ask you to hold down the power button on your original PS4 to make the data available for transfer.
  2. Using an ethernet cable, connect your PS4 systems together, or connect the systems through a router.
  3. Now you will be able to select which games / apps and other data to transfer over. System settings are copied automatically.
    • Folders, themes, avatars, save files, installation files, PSN trophies, profiles, screenshots and video files can all be transferred.
  4. Next, you’ll see how much free space will be left on your PS4 PRO system after the transfer is complete.
  5. The last step will ask you if you want to make the PS4 PRO your primary PS4 system.

The transfer process will begin — don’t unplug or turn off your systems until the transfer is complete. It’s gonna take awhile, but this is much easier than manually re-downloading all the data from the cloud.

To copy files at any other time, go to:

  • Settings -> Application Data in System Storage

From here you can select to copy data to an external HD source — including another console’s HD.


Method #2: Re-Downloading Your Files

Instead of physically transferring files, you can also choose to upload your files and re-download on your new PS4 console.

  • Requirements:
    • Internet Connection
    • PS Plus Subscription

To put your save files on the PS Plus Cloud service, go to:

  • Settings -> Application Data in System Storage
    • Select “Saved Data in System Storage”
    • Upload to Online Storage (PS Plus Only)
      • OR
    • Auto-Upload

Now that your files are on the cloud, you can re-download and copy to your system storage any time.

  • Select “Saved Data in Online Storage” to begin copying files onto your physical hard-drive.

To re-download games, themes, avatars, or any other purchases you’ve made that are compatible with the PS4 system, go to:

  • Library -> All

From here you can see all of your PSN purchases. To re-download, find a title / icon with a download icon. The icon is a down-facing triangle with two dots — a downward pointer.

Navigate into each individual game to find your add-on purchase history.

If you’re experiencing problems accessing content you’ve downloaded from the Playstation Store, you can try restoring licenses. To do this, go to:

  • Settings -> Playstation Network / Account Management -> Restore Licenses

Select “Restore” to attempt to restore licenses. This should fix your problem and all downloaded content should be available. Make sure you’re logged into the same account you made the original purchases from.

Having problems transferring files? Have any other questions? Let us know in the comments!