Meet Some of the Version Exclusives of Pokemon Sun and Moon


Pokemon Sun and Moon has taken to YouTube to slowly introduce the upcoming games to us. We get to see the people and places of the Alola region, and some of the new gameplay features included in the experience. But of course at the center of that is learning about what new Pokemon creatures we’ll get to discover in this unknown land. The Pokemon Bank is expected to update in January 2017, so it’ll be a short while before they can join your overall collection. Today, we’ll meet some of the version exclusive Pokemon, whose qualities are unique to their respective titles.

First up are a pair of primates. Passimian is a Fighting-type unique to Pokemon Sun, and their special receiver ability lets them copy the abilities of other Pokemon. Oranguru is a Normal/Psychic type found in Pokemon Moon, with a new move called Instruct – letting them have their partner attack in their place during that turn. Rockruff is found in both of the Pokemon games, but their evolution changes depending on the version of the game you’re playing. In Pokemon Sun, they become the midday form of Lycanroc. While in Pokemon Moon, they’ll evolve into the midnight form of that. Both forms are Rock types with the ability to learn Keen Eye, but a secondary special ability is unique to either form. Midday learns Sand Rush, while Midnight learns Vital Spirit. Other new features shown off for the new Pokemon games include the ability to dye your hair and wear colored contacts, in addition to the wardrobe customization available for those who care about their fashion sense. In the Pokemon Refresh mode, you can groom your team to make them bond with you better. Finally, two Pokemon are getting new Z-moves to try out in battle. Pikachu’s Catastropika taps into the hidden electrical energies within the yellow beast, while Eevee’s Extreme Evoboost channels that Pokemon’s highly varied evolution potential to buff all of their stats at once.

Pokemon Sun and Moon comes to Nintendo 3DS on November 18th. For the latest Pokemon news, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.