Destiny: Rise of Iron – Here’s How to Start the Khvostov Exotic Quest Early


The Khvostov gets an upgrade in Destiny: Rise of Iron, and acquiring this special weapon is easier if you’ve already got your hands on a Khvostov. Not all of us are so lucky, so we’ll also detail how to start the Exotic quest “We Found A Rifle” without owning the previous version. This discovery is credited to Redditor Jase_the_Muss and everyone else at r/DestinytheGame that helped.

So, what’s so special about the new Khvostov 7G-0X? It isn’t just an Auto Rifle anymore. Thanks to a new Firing Mode feature, you can now swap between three different gun types; Auto Rifle, Pulse Rifle, and Scout Rifle. It’s all three in one compact package, and it’s available to anyone that’s willing to explore the Plaguelands of Rise of Iron — so, basically, everybody. Keep scrolling for the specifics.

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Khvostov Exotic — How to Start the Quest

There are TWO ways to start the quest “We Found A Rifle” that will earn you the Khvostov Exotic.

  • Method #1: If you already own a Khvostov Exotic, simply dismantle the weapon to receive the Khvostov 7G Schematic. This is the fast method, and will get you started on the quest right away.
  • Method #2: If you don’t have a Khvostov Exotic, travel to the Plaguelands and hunt Hive Brood Mothers until one drops a Splicer Intel Relay. Follow the instructions on the relay — board the Ketch in the Breach and defeat the Pilot Servitor. Open the chest in the back of the arena to gain the Khvostov 7G Schematic.

Once you’ve got the Khvostov 7G Schematic, take it to Shiro-4 in the tower to start her quest “We Found A Rifle” — completing this quest will get you the “A Khvostov Rising” quest, which in turns unlocks the new Khvostov Exotic. Pretty nice, right?

Bungie thought ahead with this one and provided a pretty cool alternate option. Now, actually completing Shiro-4’s little quest isn’t so easy either, so we’ll provide a little insight to help you get all the weapon pieces required.


“We Found A Rifle” Quest Guide

In this quest, you’ll need to collect items in the Plaguelands Patrol mission. If you unlocked this quest early, you may have to play further into the Rise of Iron story to unlock the proper patrol starter location.

  • Items You Need to Collect:
    • 3 Weapon Parts
    • 10 Manual Pages

The three weapon parts are found in / around the Plaguelands Patrol, while manual pages will drop from Splicers randomly. Here are the weapon part locations:

  • Weapon Part #1: Start at the Lord’s Watch spawn and follow the right-hand path to Foundry 113 and move through the spliced interior to reach the Rocketyard. From there, go to the Refinery and travel deep until you reach a room where a Splicer Servitor spawns. In the back-right corner of this room you’ll find the first weapon part. This is just after the Sepiks Prime Strike’s first laser grid.
  • Weapon Part #2: Continuing on from the first weapon part, move past the second laser grid from the Sepiks Prime Strike and enter the Walker arena. Jump over the warehouse in the center of the area and look near the rusted old mechanical units on the exterior of the building near a catwalk to spot this part.
  • Weapon Part #3: From the Plaguelands Patrol, return to the Divide and enter the interior room where you first gained a ship at the end of the New Character tutorial mission for Destiny Year 1. From the rectangle room, go to a side-room with stairs — there are crates under the metal steps where you’ll find the third weapon part.

Completing this quest will unlock “A Khvostov Rising” and put you on track to get the new Khvostov 7G Exotic.

For more details, check out screenshots provided by the man himself: Jase_the_Muss’s imgur

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