Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get Iron Lord Artifacts & What They Do


Destiny: Rise of Iron doesn’t just have new weapons, missions, and areas to explore — there are also bonus items called Iron Lord Artifacts that are only available from Tyra Karn.

This vendor offers 3 random Iron Lord Artifacts a week, but you won’t be able to collect if you’ve just started the Rise of Iron add-on. Learn all about the Iron Lord Artifacts with the guide below, explaining how to get your first Artifact for free, and what all eight artifacts can do.

And these artifacts have some pretty cool powers. Unlike regular gear, these actually alter the way you play — one artifact removes your Super ability and exchanges it with some buffs. Others remove sprint cooldown, add a reflect projectile function to the sword, or increase your RADAR range. One artifact even alerts you to low-health or Super-charged Guardians with color-coded glows.

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How to Get Iron Lord Artifacts & What They Do

Iron Lord Artifacts are a new addition with Destiny: Rise of Iron. Currently, there are eight of these artifacts and they can only be purchased from Tyra Karn. Every week she offers a random selection of 3 artifacts, although it is presumably possible to collect all eight. You can only get one artifact per week.

Note: All Iron Lord Artifacts are set at 350 Light Level.

How to Get Iron Lord Artifacts: 

  • Requirements: Must complete all Rise of Iron main story missions.

After completing the story quests, talk to Tyra Karn to get the quest “Champion of Light” — this involves killing 0/1000 enemies in the Plaguelands. Presumably most of her quests will follow this example, but for the first quest, completion always ends with a special token reward. The token can be redeemed at Tyra Karn’s vendor store to purchase one of three random Iron Lord artifacts.

Each week, Tyra Karn will offer a different set of three artifacts. You can only purchase one Iron Lord Artifact per week. Work hard at it and check back every week, and it should be possible to get all eight — naturally, you can only equip one of these artifacts at a time.


Iron Lord Artifacts – All 8 Buffs / Bonuses

  • Memory of Radegast
    • Reflects enemy projectiles (beams & rockets included) when blocking with a sword.
  •  Memory of Jolder
    • Removes sprint cooldown, allowing you to run indefinitely.
  •  Memory of Felwinter
    • Removes Super
    • Adds +1 Melee & Grenade Charge
    • Small buff to health recovery, armor & agility.
  •  Memory of Perun
    • Guardians with fully-charged Super abilities will glow yellow.
    • Guardians with low health will glow red.
  •  Memory or Skorri
    • Increases recharge speed of all nearby Guardian’s super abilities.
  •  Memory of Gheleon
    • Increases RADAR radius.
    • Remains active while aiming-down-sights.
  •  Memory of Silimar
    • Reduces any damage-over-time effects.
  •  Memory of Timur
    • Turns PvE enemies into allies with a melee attack.

Work-in-Progress: Check back soon as we update this page with new details as more info comes out on acquiring Iron Lord Artifacts.

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