Everything New in Destiny: Rise of Iron | Exotics, Artifacts, Trophies & More


Destiny: Rise of Iron updates the base game with tons of new items, quests, weapons, enemies, and lore entries. Thanks to some datamining, we can now see the full breadth of content included in the pre-load patch that contains most of Rise of Iron. While things always change in Bungie‘s yearly content plans, this is a good place to start if you’re curious about what’s new, what’s exotic, and what those cool new artifacts can do for your guardian.

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Everything New in Destiny: Rise of Iron

New Content – Overview 

  • 1 New Raid
  • 3 New Strikes
  • 6 New Exotics
  • 9 New Achievements / Trophies
  • 8 New Rise of Iron Artifacts
  • 20 New Quests
  • 76 New Activities
  • 133 New Grimoire Cards
  • 789 New Items
  • Many Changes to Old Russia

Rise of Iron Raid – Wrath of the Machine

The Rise of Iron raid “Wrath of the Machine” goes live for the first time on Sept 23rd.

  • Recommended Light Level: 360
  • Normal Difficulty Raid Gear Light Level Cap: 385
  • Hard Difficulty Raid Gear Light Level Cap: 400

The Taken King’s Light Level cap was only 335, so that’s a 65+ increase to the cap in Rise of Iron.

Rise of Iron Achievements / Trophies

The trophies / achievements are mostly related to the new quests, so beware of SPOILERS if you want to check them out. Two are connected to the new “Wrath of the Machine” raid, and one  is unlocked for completing encounters.


  • Mountain Climber:
    • Complete the “King of the Mountain” mission.
  • The Young Wolf:
    • Complete the “Rise of Iron” quest.
  • Student of History:
    • Activate all Iron Lord Artifacts.
  • Sing the Iron Song:
    • Play the Rise of Iron theme on the bells in the Iron Temple.
  • Supremacy:
    • Complete the “Glory and the Taking of It” quest.
  • Eye for an Eye:
    • Complete the “Kovik’s Sin” quest.
  • Forging Ahead:
    • Complete an encounter in the Archon’s Forge.
  • Spliced:
    • Complete the “Wrath of the Machine” Raid.
  • Splicer God:
    • Complete the “Wrath of the Machine” Raid on heroic difficulty.

If you’ve read through these and don’t know what those strange “Iron Lord” artifacts are, let us explain below.

Rise of Iron – Iron Lord Artifacts 
There are 8 new artifacts that can be equipped by any class.
  • How to Get Iron Lord Artifacts: Complete jobs for the new vendor Tyra Karn to earn points used to purchase Iron Lord artifacts. 3 Iron Lord artifacts are available every week. There are 8 in total.


What does each artifact do? Here’s the full list:

  • Memory of Radegast
    • Reflects enemy projectiles (beams & rockets included) when blocking with a sword.
  • Memory of Jolder
    • Removes sprint cooldown, allowing you to run indefinitely.
  • Memory of Felwinter
    • Removes Super
    • Adds +1 Melee & Grenade Charge
    • Small buff to health recovery, armor & agility.
  • Memory of Perun
    • Guardians with fully-charged Super abilities will glow yellow.
    • Guardians with low health will glow red.
  • Memory or Skorri
    • Increases recharge speed of all nearby Guardian’s super abilities.
  • Memory of Gheleon
    • Increases RADAR radius.
    • Remains active while aiming-down-sights.
  • Memory of Silimar
    • Reduces any damage-over-time effects.
  • Memory of Timur
    • Turns PvE enemies into allies with a melee attack.

Rise of Irons – Changes to Old Russia

The starter zone gets a face lift in Rise of Iron. Here are five major changes you’ll find to the area, not counting the spooky Plaguelands.


  1. Devil Splicers are taking over.
    • These Fallen-faction foes replace The Hive opponents that used to lurk in the Old Russia shadows.
    • Devil Splicers love to tear into the environment, and leave behind plenty of burnt damage on the many Old Russia structures.
    • Only the darkest, creepiest corners of Old Russia still contain difficult Hive encounters.
  2. New areas and interiors abound.
    • Thanks to the Devil Splicers’ rampage, certain walls and structures have been cut into or sliced open, revealing previously inaccessible locations for Guardians to explore.
  3. It’s a cold (and very weird) winter.
    • Instead of a tundra, Old Russia is now a chilly wonderland blanketed in snow.
    • The Devil Walker no longer appears in the Divide — you’ll only find its ruined frame steeped in snow.
    • Red sinewy muscle ropes are growing from a strange technology called SIVA. This monster scars the Old Russia landscape, and even features it’s own brand of enemies.
  4. Old Locations, New Activities
    • The new version of Old Russia comes with tons of activities.
    • New patrol missions offer steeper challenges.
    • Public Events have been swapped to reflect Old Russia’s new occupants.
  5. Return to the Original Old Russia
    • While new activities and quests transform Old Russia, you can still visit the original map when playing earlier (low level) missions.

Rise of Iron – Quests List

Most of the quests are related to the Plaguelands story line ensuing on Earth in Old Russia, but certain quests take you to the Moon and Mars.

  • Lord Saladin Quests
    • Attune Memory of Skorri
    • Attune Memory of Perun
    • Attune Memory of Felwinter
    • Attune Memory of Timur
    • Attune Memory of Jolder
    • Attune Memory of Silimar
    • Attune Memory of Gheleon
    • Attune Memory of Radegast
    • Echoes of the Past
  • Raid Quest
    • Wrath of the Machine
  • Iron Lords Artifacts (Tyra Kan Vendor) Quest
    • Artifacts of the Iron Lord
  • Story / Other Quests
    • Rise of Iron
    • We Found A Rifle
    • Show of Strength
    • None Are Perfect
    • A Light in the Dark
    • Echoes of the Past
    • This Corrupted Land
    • Glory and the Taking Of It
    • Kovik’s Sin

Rise of Iron – New Exotics & Legendaries


  • Exotics Breakdown
    • 22 Exotic Weapon Ornaments
    • 2 Exotic Books
    • 2 Exotic Rocket Launchers
      • Gjallarhorn
      • Iron Gjallarhorn
    • 1 Exotic Machine Gun
      • Nemesis Star
    • 1 Exotic Hand Cannon
      • Thorn
    • 1 Exotic Sidearm
      • Trespasser
    • 1 Exotic Sword
      • The Young Wolf’s Howl
    • 1 Exotic Auto Rifle
      • Khvostov 7G-0X
  • Legendaries Breakdown
    • 9 Legendary Hand Cannons
    • 10 Legendary Sniper Rifles
    • 6 Legendary Sidearms
    • 9 Legendary Scout Rifles
    • 9 Legendary Shotguns
    • 9 Legendary Fusion Rifles
    • 7 Legendary Rocket Launchers
    • 6 Legendary Machine Guns
    • 9 Legendary Auto Rifles
That’s just a short overview of everything that’s new in Rise of Iron. Continue to follow Gameranx as we bring you all the info you’ll need to stay ahead of the competition in Year 3 of Destiny.

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