Destiny: Rise of Iron’s Weapon Ornament Customizations Are Here


One of the new and exciting features in Destiny’s upcoming Rise of Iron expansion is an item customization option called Ornaments. Even though it sounds like this type of item would hang off of your weapon, or armor, it is essentially a new skin for your item. Bungie is now showing off the way they look on a selection of popular weapons both old and new.

The company began sharing images via Instagram today of the different looks that Ornaments provide for some of Destiny’s new and existing Exotic weapons.

Those posted so far include Telesto, Monte Carlo, Trespasser, Invective, and Khostov, which is the starter weapon from the very beginning of Destiny which was cleverly turned into an Exotic weapon for Rise of Iron.

It seems as though Bungie will only be revealing Ornaments that have been applied to weapons today, based on this tweet from the official Destiny account.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches later this month, on September 20th.