Destiny: Rise of Iron Launch Schedule Guide

Hello, Guardians. Destiny: Rise of Iron is set to launch this Tuesday, September 20—but you’re probably wondering at what time you’ll be able to log in and experience the game. Is it worth it to stay up all night or take some time off work? Well, this guide will help you figure that out, so you know exactly when to call in sick.

As with previous launches, the new expansion’s release will coincide with the weekly reset, rather than at midnight PST. As such, you’ll be able to play Rise of Iron at 2:00am PT on Tuesday.

Here are the timings for the rest of the world:

  • US West Coast – 2:00am
  • US East Coast – 5:00am
  • UK – 10:00am
  • Western Europe – 11:00am
  • Australia East Coast – 7:00pm

All you need to do to prepare yourself for the game’s launch is to make sure your client is updated to the latest version, which includes Rise of Iron whether you’ve purchased it or not. Simply make sure to pre-order the game from either the PlayStation or Xbox stores, or through a third party retailer like Amazon or GameStop, and you’ll be ready to go when the codes are activated.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is only available for PS4 and Xbox One.