Destiny: Rise of Iron – Dormant SIVA Clusters Locations Guide


Unlock even more lore for Destiny: Rise of Iron with 30 hidden Dormant SIVA Clusters. These cleverly hidden red-glowing collectibles are practically impossible to find all on your own, so we’ve put together a quick list of text-based locations to help you get a full set.

Like the Calcified Fragments of old, or even the Dead Ghosts, these collectibles don’t do a whole lot for your Guardian’s build, but they do reveal special Grimoire entries exclusive to Rise of IronIf you’re curious about the new Fallen factions, or want to know more about the eponymous old Iron Lords, a pre-cursor to the Guardians, than this is a fun way to enjoy even more time in Destiny, and gives a good reason to revisit story missions. Check out the full guide below.

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Dormant SIVA Clusters Locations Guide

There are a total of 30 Dormant SIVA Clusters found in Rise of Iron. All are located in missions, in the new Social area, or in Plaguelands Patrols.

Each Dormant SIVA Cluster unlocks one Grimoire entry. Below, we’ve listed Clusters based on the order of missions you’ll encounter in Rise of Iron.

[Updated: 9/24 – Added Wrath of the Machine locations.]

  • SIVA Cluster: Iron Lords 2.9
    • Mission / Area: King of the Mountain
    • Location: At the “Ascend the Mountain” section, hop out of the gondola onto the snowy cliffs that continue up on your left. Instead, explore on the right side to discover this hidden cluster. You’ll need to jump over the hill to view the cliffside where the cluster is located.
  • SIVA Cluster: Fallen 3.0
    • Mission / Area: King of the Mountain
    • Location: Play through the level until you reach an area with an unreachable tower in the distance with a caged metal sphere at the top. A Fallen ship will fly low to the ground — use the ruins on the cliff to jump on top of this ship and ride it as it passes by the tower. Dash/double/triple-jump to the tower to claim this very tricky Cluster. Using the sword can help get you more distance.
  • SIVA Cluster: Clovis Bray 1.3
    • Mission / Area: The Walls Come Down
    • Location: Outside the Cosmodrome, continue toward the objective marker to find an open doorway that leads into the structure. Don’t go inside, instead check out the snow-filled tunnel to the right of the door. You’ll find a metal beam attached to the ceiling with a faint red light — that’s where the cluster is hidden.
  • SIVA Cluster: Clovis Bray 1.9
    • Mission / Area: The Walls Come Down
    • Location: In the same mission as the previous cluster, go toward the Ketch ship instead of the objective leading into the Cosmodrome. Board the ship and go up the left-hand stairs in the hangar. On the left wall, look in the narrow space between the metal wall-mounted beams to discover this cluster.
  • SIVA Cluster: Iron Lords 2.0
    • Mission / Area: The Walls Come Down
    • Location: Continue into this mission until you enter the Divide. Before investigating the SIVA tendrils, look in the middle of this area for a Devil Walker wreck. The cluster is found on this wreck.
  • SIVA Cluster: Iron Lords 2.1
    • Mission / Area: The Walls Come Down
    • Location: Also in the Divide, look toward the undersides of the overpass roads. From the SIVA scan objective marker, head toward the Devil Walker wreckage and move right. On one of the overpass road’s underbellies, you can spot a red light that denotes a cluster location.
  • SIVA Cluster: Iron Lords 2.2
    • Mission / Area: The Walls Come Down
    • Location: Follow the path toward Dock 13 (the area that leads to the Steppes)  — go to the large hangar interior with an open roof — just as you enter this room, turn left and look in the walls to the left of the first open doorway. The cluster is on a pipe behind metal grates.
  • SIVA Cluster: Clovis Bray 1.7
    • Mission / Area: The Walls Come Down / The Plaguelands
    • Location: Starting the third Rise of Iron mission, you’ll spawn in the Rocketyards and face a destroyed wall ahead. Instead of going forward, turn left and jump, passing some SIVA material — look left, this is the wall that was directly behind you where you spawn — and watch for an open door near a tower-like SIVA object. There is a cluster inside this simple room, on the desk directly right as you enter.
  • SIVA Cluster: Iron Lords 2.5
    • Mission / Area: The Plaguelands
    • Location: Still in the Rocketyards of mission 3, continue left from the spawn to find the entrance to the Refinery. Just as the title appears, turn left and enter the main chamber. Stick to the right wall, and continue on through two doors. In another large snowy chamber, look left and enter the alien structure. The cluster is on the central pillar in this small circular room.
  • SIVA Cluster: Clovis Bray 1.4
    • Mission / Area: The Plaguelands
    • Location: Continuing through the third mission, you’ll enter Lords’ Watch. Stick to the large concrete on the right and jump over the first huge SIVA tendril — this cluster is found in this SIVA tendril, on the ground near the cliff’s edge.
  • SIVA Cluster: Clovis Bray 1.5
    • Mission / Area: The Plaguelands
    • Location: Moving on to the Bunker Triglav area, enter the concrete tower with the radio dishes on the rooftop. Enter this structure and reach the upper floor room. The cluster is attached to the back-side of a flatscreen computer, on a desk pushed up against the windows.
  • SIVA Cluster: Iron Lords 2.4
    • Mission / Area: The Plaguelands (Splicer Key Required)
    • Location: Kill a Brood Mother Wizard in the Lords’ Watch or Giant’s Pass areas before entering The Plaguelands to collect a Splicer Key. Once you have a key, start the mission and head toward The Blast — when you find the walker, unlock the door to the left using the Splicer Key to find a hidden cluster.
  • SIVA Cluster: Iron Lords 2.3
    • Mission / Area: The Plaguelands
    • Location: Continue through the Refinery and out to the Blast. In the Sepiks strike, the Walker spawns in the back of this area near a large door. To the right of this door / walker spawn, look behind a rusted pillar to discover this cluster.
  • SIVA Cluster: Clovis Bray 1.8
    • Mission / Area: The Plaguelands
    • Location: Fight to the final section of the mission where you’re tasked with disabling the three artillery cannons. As you enter, go to the right-most gun and jump to the top of the barrel to discover this cluster.
  • SIVA Cluster: Fallen 3.2
    • Mission / Area: Download Complete
    • Location: In the Mars facility of Mission 4, drop down the shaft from Level 23 to Level 20. In the back-right corner of this room there’s a large pillar covered with monitors. On the backside of the upper-left monitor attached to the pillar, you’ll find a very hidden (and glitchy) cluster.
  • SIVA Cluster: Clovis Bray 1.1
    • Mission / Area: The Iron Tomb
    • Location: Upon entering the Giant’s Tusk area, stick to the right-wall and move forward until you reach a beached ship. Go to the front deck to find this cluster on the bow.
  • SIVA Cluster: Clovis Bray 1.2
    • Mission / Area: The Iron Tomb
    • Location: Once you reach the area where you’ll need to reverse the cores, go to the right-most core location in the generator room. Beneath the platform and to the right, you’ll find some SIVA growth on the ground and a cluster.
  • SIVA Cluster: Clovis Bray 1.0
    • Mission / Area: The Iron Tomb
    • Location: Just as you enter the Archon’s Forge area, turn left and jump to the far-off ledge to reach a hallway at the top. Go down the hall and look right to find the cluster attached to the wall.
  • SIVA Cluster: Iron Lords 2.8
    • Mission / Area: The Iron Tomb
    • Location: At Site 6, you’ll drop into a control room where your Ghost will offer some Devil Splicer exposition, and there’s an objective to interact with the lone floor-mounted computer terminal. Look on the backside of the wall-mounted flatscreen attached to the ceiling to the left of this objective.
  • SIVA Cluster: Iron Lords 2.6
    • Mission / Area: The Iron Tomb
    • Location: Take the slide down into the cavern below, and once you reach firm ground. Immediately turn left and run to the left-wall of the cave. Follow this left wall, dropping down onto the rock platforms below, until you reach a small cave marked with white beacon lights. The cluster is found inside this cave.
  • SIVA Cluster: Iron Lords 2.7
    • Mission / Area: The Iron Tomb
    • Location: As you finally enter the SIVA Chamber, turn left — there’s a massive pillar of SIVA organism forming a large column. The cluster is found behind this column, wedged on the SIVA between the walkway railing.


  • SIVA Cluster: Fallen 3.1
    • Mission / Area: Felwinter Peak
    • Location: The cluster is located at the very top of Felwinter Peak, the new social area for Rise of Iron. Reaching the top takes a lot of jumping — start from the rock steps on the left-hand stairs leading up to the interior. Get all the jump / agility upgrades and follow the path from that starting spot to reach the top.
  • SIVA Cluster: Clovis Bray 1.6
    • Mission / Area: Plaguelands Patrol
    • Location: From the spawn point, follow the left path toward Bunker Triglav. As you enter the area, go to the left interior concrete structure marked with “1” on the exterior. When inside, climb the stairs on the right. Use the pipe above the “3” door to reach the upper catwalks with a double-jump, the leap onto the lip of the mechanical contraption hanging from the ceiling. The cluster should be visible as you jump to it.
  • SIVA Cluster: Fallen 3.3
    • Mission / Area: The Wretched Eye Strike
    • Location: Upon reaching the Cyclone 141G area, enter the silo and jump onto the rock in the center, then turn left to enter the bridge that’s on the same level as the walkway you entered from. The cluster is hidden on the roof of this rusty bridge.
  • SIVA Cluster: Fallen 3.4
    • Mission / Area: The Wretched Eye Strike
    • Location: Entering the silo with the partially fallen rocket (diagonally) and reach the crates on the connector at the top of the center rocket. Use the crates to reach platforms hanging from the walls above — beware, they’ll break off — jump to the first platform, then look for a hidden alcove containing the cluster at the second platform.
  • SIVA Cluster: Fallen 3.5
    • Mission / Area: The Sepiks Perfected Strike
    • Location: Inside the Devil’s Lair where you’ll face Sepiks Perfected, go to the back-left corner. Before going over the ledge with the water, look underneath the bent catwalk on the ground to find the cluster.
  • SIVA Cluster: Fallen 3.8
    • Mission / Area: Wrath of the Machine Raid
    • Location: In the dark jumping puzzle corridor, after defeating the first Vosik encounter, you’ll need to find Vosik’s lair in the wall. At the end of the jumping puzzle path, you’ll reach a lit hallway on your left Continue forward into the darkness, using the platforms on the right side of the chamber to reach the bright red cluster against the far back wall in the left-hand corner.
  • SIVA Cluster: Fallen 3.9
    • Mission / Area: Wrath of the Machine Raid
    • Location: Continuing on, you’ll enter an even deeper section with lots of hanging platforms. This is the second jumping puzzle section, beyond the second encounter with Vosik. After passing a brighter area with two set of two large pipes, jump onto the narrow vent against the wall ahead, allowing you to reach the upper part of the crane holding a platform. Now you can climb up onto the large vent unit straight ahead to collect the next cluster.
  • SIVA Cluster: Fallen 3.7
    • Mission / Area: Wrath of the Machine Raid
    • Location: On the exterior land-bridge, while on the hunt for the SIVA Source after destroying the Siege Engine boss, stop at the reward chest. From that chest, explore to the right to find a ledge underneath the main route. Drop down to find a small alcove with this cluster.
  • SIVA Cluster: Fallen 3.6
    • Mission / Area: Wrath of the Machine Raid
    • Location: At the Server Farm, before entering the Perfection Complex, step through a diamond-shaped door and look in the passage for a narrow hole in the floor on the right. Drop down into this hard-to-spot area to find the final cluster.

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