Destiny: Rise of Iron – Rank Up at the Crucible Fast | Reputation Farming Guide


Certain awesome packages are only available to those with enough rank in Destiny’s Crucible, and if you’ve been ignoring your reputation for that particular faction vendor, then we’ve got a method that makes farming rep in Destiny super easy, and relatively quick. All you need is a couple willing friends and plenty of time to play Private Matches.

The full method is available below, but it always helps to stock-up on Crucible reputation reward bonus items. Class gear, the new Brilliance buff, and Reputation Booster consumables will make farming slightly more painless.

This is totally an exploit, but it isn’t going to ruin anyone else’s online fun. It’s also worth pointing out that playing Crucible is tons of fun, and earning Crucible rep naturally isn’t such a bad way to earn ranks. But, if you’ve got friends and some extra time on your hands, this is one path to take.

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Crucible Reputation Farming Guide

Gaining reputation in the Crucible is more important than ever now that tons of powerful weapons are only available from the Crucible vendor. Unlocking that vendor’s rewards requires gaining levels in the Crucible, and getting lots of Crucible reputation points isn’t always easy, especially if you’re not experienced with multiplayer combat.

  • The Basics: This method is all about exploiting one aspect of the game; you will gain Crucible rep for completing private matches. It’s a small amount — only about 37~ rep per match.

While that doesn’t sound like much rep, the trick is completing private matches as fast as possible. Get that rep fast enough, and this method becomes very valuable.

Private Matches Crucible Rep Farming – Step-by-Step

Note: To increase your rep gains per Private Match complete, try to gain the Brilliance infection buff and equip any items with a Class buff that increases your rep per complete match.

The Crucible Reputation Booster will significantly help when farming for rep. This rare consumable can be earned from five sources:

  • Crucible Match Reward
  • Prison of Elders Reward
  • Can be purchased from the Eververse Merchant in the Tower
  • Can be unlocked through the Challenge of the Elders
  • Can be earned through the Rise of Iron Record Book

When you’re ready, follow these steps to begin farming. It’s really easy once you get started.


  1. Start a RIFT Private Match.
    • Select any map, but we recommend playing on Anomaly.
    • 3 vs 3 or 2 vs 2
    • In this game mode, you collect the Spark and take it to the enemy team’s Rift.
  2. Set the score to the LOWEST POSSIBLE SETTING.
    • Set the score to 2500~
    • This way, you can complete a match in a single ignition. Collect the Spark and take it to the enemy team’s Rift.
  3. Complete the match in 30-60 Seconds.
    • To easily win, have the enemy team cluster around the Rift. Killing the enemy team with a single Spark ignition will earn enough points to complete the match.
    • On the map Anomaly, you only have to travel about 50 meters, making it the easiest map to complete is a very short time.
  4. Swap Team Victories — Don’t Keep Winning With The Same Team
    • Reputation points will stop getting rewarded to a team if they win over and over again. Switch which team wins every round to share the rep points.

This doesn’t take into account loading times between matches, but if you’ve got the patience and can wrangle a few friends to help, this is one incredibly easy way to earn lots of easy Crucible rep without having to face off against online competition.

Or, if you’re straight-up good at winning, you can just play Crucible the normal way.

Got your own Crucible farming method? Let us know in the comments!

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