Destiny: Rise of Iron – PSA: Play SIVA Crisis Playlist To Earn 350-365+ Light


Earning Light at 340 to 350 or beyond is turning into a painful slog for some players in Destiny: Rise of Iron. Normally, engrams and drops provide loot with a light level 1-5 points higher than your overall amount.

That changes came with the April update, and has generally helped manage Light grinding, making it much easier for most players to deal with — but Rise of Iron’s increases are agonizingly slow. Gains are so slow that some players are theorizing that Light drop rates are bugged. Instead of 1-5 point gains, even Legendary engrams are only providing a 1 Light increase at a steady rate.

That doesn’t seem to be the case for one particular Strike playlist. The SIVA Crisis playlist is confirmed to drop loot at the proper 1-5 higher Light level threshold — that means you can jump from 350 Light to 355 Light to 360 Light in only a few hours. Check out more details on this method to earn Light fast below.

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PSA: Play SIVA Crisis Playlist To Earn 350-365+ Light

If you’re looking to gain lots of Light and prepare for the “Wrath of the Machine” Raid (Available on Sept. 23rd) then the SIVA Crisis Playlist is your best option currently. This method comes from Youtuber KackisHD.

  • How to Earn Fast Light: [Recommended for Light 350-365+ Only] Play the SIVA Crisis Playlist and focus on collecting drops from defeated bosses. They are much more likely to drop +1-5 Light advances over your currently total Light level.

The SIVA Crisis Playlist is recommended for Guardians at or near Light 350, so this is a fairly late-game problem to deal with. If you haven’t reached this high Light cap, then we recommend playing Strikes and collecting engrams that fit your level. Proper Light loot only seems to drop on the three RoI-exclusive strikes.

This seems simple, but it’s actually a big deal — engrams are randomized, and past Light 340, they seem to only drop +1 Light loot. That’s painful, especially if you’ve saved up a stack of purple engrams.

By playing the SIVA Crisis Playlist exclusively, you’re much more likely (as of 9/21/16) to earn larger Light rewards when it comes to drops. Light is surprisingly stingy in Rise of Iron, and lots of players have been completely taken off-guard by the chances for drops.

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