Destiny: Rise of Iron – Complete Achievements / Trophies Guide


The Plaguelands need you, Guardian. Destiny: Rise of Iron introduces plenty of new content to explore, including a Social area, a remixed Old Russia, and the Supremacy mode in the Crucible — all this stuff is worth exploring, and completing Rise of Iron achievements / trophies will give you a strong overview of Bungie’s Destiny Year 3 premier.

Here you’ll find explanations, tips and tactics to help you unlock all 9 Destiny: Rise of Iron achievements / trophies. Rest assured, that doesn’t cover the full breadth of content available in Rise of Iron. It’s practically a drop in the bucket, what with the Exotic Quests and Dormant SIVA Clusters. Everything that falls outside the purview of the achievements / trophies, you can find in the link bank below.

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Complete Achievements / Trophies Guide

Work-in-Progress: There are two “Wrath of the Machine” raid trophies / achievements. As soon as that raid is available, we’ll add sections with tips to help you complete both versions.

There are a total of 9 Rise of Iron achievements / trophies. A handful are related to the main story quests, but most take you on Exotic weapon detours — the one secret challenge is a special Easter egg you’ll need a handful of friends to complete.

  • Forging Ahead:
    • Complete an encounter in the Archon’s Forge.

New encounters are found in Rise of Iron’s version of Old Russia, Earth. To access these encounters, you’ll need to unlock the “Patrol The Plaguelands” mission. This becomes available at a certain point when completing the main story quests.

To actually find the Archon’s Forge, follow these steps:

  1. From the “Patrol The Plaguelands” spawn point at Lords’ Watch, take the right-hand path into the Giant’s Husk area.
  2. At the Giant’s Husk, continue on to the water’s edge and follow the coastline left toward the Doomed Sea area.
  3. From the Doomed Sea, continue to Archon’s Keep. Up the hill, you’ll find a large entrance to the massive structure that’s visible in the distance as you enter the zone.
  4. Follow the narrow hallways inside to reach the Archon’s Forge.

To begin an event at the Archon’s Forge, interact with the blue screen monitor near the entrance hallway. This will begin the “Fused Vandal” event. Do battle with Devil Splicers and complete the encounter to unlock this achievement / trophy.

  • Can’t Find Other Players?: Archon’s Forge is a separate instance, so you might be all alone if you fly your mount right inside. To ensure other players spawn and you don’t load into a different map, try this — crouch-walking. When you reach the final hallway with the steps leading into the forge proper, crouch down and slowly walk inside. According to clever Redditors, this is the best way to ensure you’ll find friends to play with.

This area isn’t usually densely populated, but if you wait near the public event terminal, you might get lucky and find some players nearby that will help out. Otherwise, form your own team and go deal with the Public Event with a preset group.

  • Student of History:
    • Activate all Iron Lord Artifacts.

Iron Lord Artifacts are a special addition to Rise of Iron, allowing your Guardian to really change-up their playstyle and strategy. Below, you’ll find steps to earn your own Iron Lord Artifacts. Remember, to unlock this achievement / trophy you must equip and activate all eight artifacts — just owning them isn’t enough.

[The following content for this entry is taken from our Iron Lord Artifacts Guide here.]

There are eight of these artifacts and they can only be purchased from Tyra Karn. Every week she offers a random selection of 3 artifacts, although it is presumably possible to collect all eight. You can only get one artifact per week.

Note: All Iron Lord Artifacts are set at 350 Light Level.


How to Get Iron Lord Artifacts: 

  • Requirements: Must complete all Rise of Iron main story missions.

After completing the story quests, talk to Tyra Karn to get the quest “Champion of Light” — this involves killing 0/1000 enemies in the Plaguelands. Presumably most of her quests will follow this example, but for the first quest, completion always ends with a special token reward. The token can be redeemed at Tyra Karn’s vendor store to purchase one of three random Iron Lord artifacts.

Each week, Tyra Karn will offer a different set of three artifacts. You can only purchase one Iron Lord Artifact per week. Work hard at it and check back every week, and it should be possible to get all eight — naturally, you can only equip one of these artifacts at a time.

Iron Lord Artifacts – All 8 Buffs / Bonuses

  • Memory of Radegast
    • Reflects enemy projectiles (beams & rockets included) when blocking with a sword.
  •  Memory of Jolder
    • Removes sprint cooldown, allowing you to run indefinitely.
  •  Memory of Felwinter
    • Removes Super
    • Adds +1 Melee & Grenade Charge
    • Small buff to health recovery, armor & agility.
  •  Memory of Perun
    • Guardians with fully-charged Super abilities will glow yellow.
    • Guardians with low health will glow red.
  •  Memory or Skorri
    • Increases recharge speed of all nearby Guardian’s super abilities.
  •  Memory of Gheleon
    • Increases RADAR radius.
    • Remains active while aiming-down-sights.
  •  Memory of Silimar
    • Reduces any damage-over-time effects.
  •  Memory of Timur
    • Turns PvE enemies into allies with a melee attack.

  • Sing the Iron Song:
    • Play the Rise of Iron theme on the bells in the Iron Temple.

This tricky Easter egg can only be accomplished at the Felwinter Peak social area — grab a group of friends and ring the bells inside the temple. To ring a bell, interact with it; you’ll have to be quick to properly play the Rise of Iron theme.

Note: This can be done with two players. It cannot be accomplished solo.

As explained by Youtuber HarryNinetyFour, here’s the order you’ll want to ring the bells. Before getting started, map out the bells by numbers. The bells are all located in the temple interior.

[#1 is the large bell at the back of the chamber, up the steps with a small window looking down at the center of the interior. The rest of the smaller bells are along the back walls — these bells, from left to right, are #2-#6. Bell #6 is not used and can be ignored.]

  • Ring the Bells in this order: 1, 2, 3, 1, 5, 4, 3, 2, 3, 1, 3, 4

With five people, this is much easier to accomplish. Gather everyone at each of the five bells and call out the numbers. If you ring the bells fast enough and in the correct order, you’ll unlock the trophy / achievement.

  • Supremacy:
    • Complete the “Glory and the Taking of It” quest.

This quest, given by Lord Shaxx, is all about earning glory in Destiny’s PVP arena, the Crucible. The requirements aren’t too steep, so anyone should be able to complete these challenges. This quest is available for Level 40 Guardians and appears after completing the main story for Rise of Iron.

Requirements: Must be Public Crucible matches. Private matches do not count.

  • “Glory and the Taking of It” Objectives:
    • Complete 10 Matches in The Crucible
    • Get 50 Kill Credits in The Crucible
    • Deny 25 Crests in The Crucible

How to Deny Crests: Crests are only available in the new Rise of Iron PVP game mode called Supremacy. In this mode, kills drop crests — to deny a crest, simply collect crests from fallen allies before the enemy team can collect them. For best results, play 6v6 and stay just behind the frontline.

Let your allies run ahead so you can watch the rear — this makes collecting ally crests much easier. If you’re on point and aggressive, you’re more likely to collect plenty of enemy crests, but less likely to deny allied crests to the enemy.

  • Eye for an Eye:
    • Complete the “Kovik’s Sin” quest.

To complete the “Kovik’s Sin” quest line, you’ll need to take the “Bad Blood” mission in the Plaguelands. Shiro-4 offers this mission, and the quest continues, asking you to complete “The Wretched Eye” Strike. Here are all the missions you’ll need to complete to finish “Kovik’s Sin” —

  1. Complete “Bad Blood” in the Plaguelands. Only available after completing the main Rise of Iron story. Must be Level 40.
  2. Complete “The Wretched Eye” Strike in the Plaguelands.
  3. Finish “The Wretched Eye” requirements.
  4. Turn in to Shiro-4.

Strikes are tricky missions that require teams to complete. Join playlists and match the recommended level before attempting — don’t worry, Strikes aren’t nearly as high-stakes as Raids. Follow your team for success.

  • Mountain Climber:
    • Complete the “King of the Mountain” mission.

This is the first story quest of Rise of Iron and can’t be missed.

  • The Young Wolf:
    • Complete the “Rise of Iron” quest.

You’ll encounter this quest while completing the main story of Rise of Iron. It can’t be missed.

  • Spliced:
    • Complete the “Wrath of the Machine” Raid.
  • Splicer God:
    • Complete the “Wrath of the Machine” Raid on heroic difficulty.

For tons of tips, tricks, chest locations and boss strategies, check out our Destiny: Rise of Iron raid walkthrough.

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