Paper Mario: Color Splash Preloading Error Unlocked Full Game Early


Paper Mario: Color Splash is the next main game in the Paper Mario franchise. The plot of it centers around evil forces sucking the color (and life) out of the citizens of Prism Island, and Mario sets off on another adventure to get to the bottom of it. You’ll not only face off against Bowser in the game, but his Koopalings make an appearance for the first time in a Paper Mario title here. The game wasn’t meant to be released to the public yet. However, some gamers reported that they had full access in advance.

The game was available to preload for a short period of time, but once Nintendo realized the error of their ways they removed the purchase button entirely. A Twitter user by the name of Electivirus shared proof of this occurrence. It’s worth reading over the observations, if you were unsure what to make of the game based on the previews Nintendo released in the past few months.

It was further confirmed by another user, and a thread on NeoGAF had a discussion about it. In order to maintain access to the game after the fact, people who managed to download it in time have disconnected from the internet to make sure Nintendo doesn’t cut their system off from the game. If you want to check out Color Splash music, a YouTube channel who managed to snag an early copy has parts of the soundtrack uploaded.

Paper Mario: Color Splash is (supposed to) arrive on October 7th for the Wii U.